Resurrection Season 2 Review “Old Scars”

Resurrection Season 2 Episode 4 Old Scars (2)

On the latest episode of “Resurrection,” Margaret decided it was time for a good, old-fashioned family dinner, but, as can be the case with such events, there was no way to do so without opening up some “Old Scars.” Some older than others, as we saw from the opening sequence, in which a young Margaret was part of a lynch mob tasked with hunting down a man in leg braces for some unknown reason- she later referred to the man as a “demon,” albeit metaphorically- and subsequently hanged him. But that was only the tip of the iceberg in this particular family.

On this particular day, it would seem that there were a number of significant events: there was an incident in the 30’s in which twelve factory workers were killed in a trucking accident- or so the paper said- including the man in the leg brace and Arthur, the man who cropped up earlier this season and promptly disappeared after talking to Margaret; and it just so happened to be the day that Jacob and Barbara died, only to return a few weeks ago. Seems an odd day to throw a soiree, but then, the Langstons are not exactly a traditional family, either, to say the least.

After all, the matriarch is younger than her children, and one of her sons, Henry and his wife Lucille, have been the parents of a child not once but twice, and at wildly varying ages. Meanwhile, her other son, Fred, is reunited with his ex-wife, Barbara, who was having an affair with another man- a man with whom she was still involved after a decidedly significant amount of time had passed. Further, Fred and Barbara’s daughter, Maggie is around the same age as her mother! Needless to say, this was not your typical family reunion. By the time Margaret stood up and raised her glass for a toast, I halfway expected a “Red Wedding”-type scenario!

Instead, this show’s equivalent came later, when Lucille, drunk on wine, was the one to finally pop her cork and go off on someone, in her case, Barbara, who she still blamed for causing her son’s death way back when. Granted, Henry had the best intentions in inviting her- Jacob wanted to apologize for not successfully saving her back in the day- but he hadn’t counted on the impact it would have on his wife and mother, respectively, neither of whom were exactly thrilled to be blindsided by the unexpected guest. Nor did he realize that his estranged brother Fred would be there as well.

While he and Fred were able to at least be civil to one another, such was not the case with the others, so the dinner was destined to be a powder keg waiting to go off, and explode it did. I thought for sure it would be Margaret the second she stood up to toast, after making catty asides all throughout the evening, but that was probably the “Game of Thrones” thing still being fresh in my mind. Instead, it was Lucille that went ballistic, going off on Barbara in spectacular fashion and letting her know exactly how she felt about her, and with that, dinner was effectively over.

On the plus side, I do think certain things needed to be said amongst various members of the family, and others were bound to come out eventually, and did. For instance, Barbara and Fred were in dire need of having a follow-up conversation, after her decision to leave him for Sam after she returned, and they did. Plus, daughter Maggie spilled the beans, albeit unintentionally, about the fact that Margaret not only knew Arthur, but visited him at her practice right before he disappeared- and had lied point blank to Fred’s face about it mere hours before. She also lied about there being a fire in the factory and that the bones that were discovered were actually originally at the factory, albeit more understandably.

Later on, we discovered why to a certain extent, as Margaret obliquely revealed via a bedtime story to Jacob at the end of the night, that she had actively participated in cleansing the town of Arcadia of a “demon,” aka the man in the leg braces, by killing him over and over, by hanging, burning, shooting, and whatever else it took to put him down and keep him down. Yet the man kept returning again and again, and it wasn’t until Margaret figured out a “special” way of killing him once and for all that he finally did stay dead and not come back.

What that secret way was, she didn’t say, but it’s clear from next week’s preview that she not only knew more than she was letting on- no big shocker there- but that she knew why the returned were back in the first place, and what they were back for. Or, once again, so she says. It may well be more her interpretation of why she thinks they’re back and what they’re supposed to do, rather than the actual reasons.

Other developments: Bellamy continued his search to figure out what was going on with the bones they discovered last week and was the one who uncovered the newspaper article about the “accident”; he also continued to lie to Maggie about his role in the bones being picked up by the government agents he called. Janine and Rachael bonded somewhat and she offered to let her continue to stay at her house over the duration of her pregnancy, especially after it was discovered that the baby was growing inside Rachael at twice the normal rate of development, which can’t be good. The episode ended with Mike returning yet again, and him and many of the other returned all turning up sick at Maggie’s practice out of the blue all at once.

So, this was definitely an intense episode of the show, with lots of drama and more family issues than your average real-life Thanksgiving dinner typically has, to say the least, and this wasn’t even Thanksgiving. (I’d hate to see what a Thanksgiving Day dinner looks like on a show like this!) Just as many old wounds were opened as they were settled, and some new ones arose as well that won’t be going away any time soon. It will be interesting to see the fallout of the dinner’s events over the next few episodes, as well as what looks to be the fallout from Bellamy’s lying to Maggie. Lots of juicy drama to come, to be sure, from the looks of it.

What did you think of “Resurrection” this week? Were you as uncomfortable watching the dinner at hand as I was? What do you think Margaret is up to, and what’s all that about her discovering a secret way to kill the returned once and for all? What do you think she thinks the reason they’re back in the first place is? What really went down at the factory? What was the significance of Arthur in everything? How about the man in leg braces? Why was that angry mob trying to kill him in the first place? Why is Rachael’s baby growing at twice the rate of a normal baby? Will Bellamy’s secret cause trouble between him and Maggie? What’s up with the rampant illness amongst the returned? Sound off with your crazy theories below and I’ll see you next week!