The Originals Season 2 Review “Every Mother’s Son”

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On the latest episode of “The Originals,” it was family dinner time, not that mama Mikaelson gave anyone much choice in the matter. At first I thought she was going to be cooking them dinner, at which point I thought they’d be nuts to eat anything that she was cooking, especially from the looks of what she was doing in those opening scenes, but it turned out it was an invitation of sorts telling them she would be coming to eat dinner at their place, which takes guts. But then, she’s not exactly a wallflower, that Esther.

The dinner itself was a bit anticlimactic, save the big reveal to Klaus and Elijah that both the long-gone Finn (aka Vincent) and Kol (aka Kaleb) were back, although they never quite met Kaleb, so they don’t know what he looks like yet. Well that, and the big reveal that the necklace Esther had given Klaus as a child ostensibly as a sort of proto-GPS that allowed her to find Klaus wherever he might be, was actually a power-draining device meant to keep him weak, as if he gave in to his darker side and killed someone, it would effectively turn him into the worst version of himself.

Alas, Esther instead basically made him ten times worse, as he was filled with such self-loathing that, by the time he actually did take a life, he ended up killing his way across the world like there was no tomorrow, and going full-on evil. Nice going, mom! Thanks for the assist!

Her new plan seems to be a weird variation of that, in which, by killing or compromising everything Klaus and Elijah love, she hopes to force them to come to her to beg for help, at which point she will transfer them into new bodies, a la Kol and Finn, and they would no longer be vampires anymore. She also made essentially the same offer to Hayley, who seemed much more tempted than the others, for perhaps obvious reasons. “Killing” Hayley’s baby was the first major step in that, and bringing back Finn and Kol was phase two, as well as sending them after Cami and Davina, respectively.

Next up, she intends to go after Marcel and his new cache of vampires, which Elijah is starting to get involved with, in particular Gia (Nishi Munshi, “Apartment 213”), who Marcel used as a bit of bait and switch, having Gia play up her being damaged goods to reel him in. This seems like an inherently flawed plan to me, as it’s hard to imagine Klaus in particular begging for anything. She also still has no idea that Mikael is back, which should make for an unexpected wrench in her plan as well.

On the plus side, gods be praised, Esther pulled another body switch in this episode, jumping out of Cassie (Natalie Dreyfuss), thank God, and into the much stronger Lenore (Sonja Sohn, from- heart be still- the much beloved “The Wire”). As anyone who watched “The Wire” knows, Sohn is a formidable presence, and an excellent actress all around. I already prefer her to the pixie cut cutie that was Cassie- I’m sorry but cute and vampire should not be in the same sentence, otherwise, we might as well be watching freaking “Twilight” and does anyone really want that? (Okay, some people, but I’m guessing none of them watch this show- “Vampire Diaries,” maybe, but not this show.)

That was about it, really, save some stuff with birds that reminded me of “The Hunger Games” (specifically the whole “mockingjay” thing), though that scene where they all flew out behind Lenore through the windows was super-cool, and reminded me of something out of “The Craft.” I did enjoy, as ever, the flashbacks, and as per usual they did a good job of tying past events to current ones, as we saw that Klaus was once actually a decent, sweet-natured kid that his own mother turned evil, albeit in trying to keep him from his true nature.

That scene with Klaus with a sword driven into him by his own father was pretty grueling, and you really felt for the poor kid, which is not something one expects to feel for Klaus usually, given his typical behavior. It also partially explains why his dad hated him even before he knew the truth about his real father. Of course a blowhard like Mikael would be disappointed by a weak son, which would only compound that once he discovered it wasn’t even his son in the first place. Way to go, mom. Nice parenting there.

On the plus side, it was nice seeing Elijah finally acknowledge that, for all of his bluster and unmanageability, there was no denying that Klaus was the fiercest of the entire Mikaelson clan by far, and if anyone could face down their parents, it was him. Despite all the forces threatening to pull them apart, the family has never been closer in Klaus and Elijah’s case, as far as I can tell. Granted, not saying much, given Klaus’ activities over the years, but still, they’ve come a long way, to be sure.

All in all, a decent episode, if only for the blanks that were filled in, and especially for transferring Esther into a force to be reckoned with, not ridiculed, IMHO. Now the games can begin in earnest, right? It should be a fun ride, starting off with what appears to be a showdown between Klaus and Mikael next week, as well as Elijah taking the reins of teaching Marcel’s vampire army in the making.

What did you think of “The Originals” this week? Did you enjoy the dinner scene? Are you glad that Esther switched bodies again, finally? Did you find the flashbacks and revelations insightful, too? Do you think anyone will willingly take Esther up on her offer? Or even beg for it? Do you think Marcel is still up to something? Do you think that Kol will throw a wrench into mom’s plans? Make your predictions below and see you next week!