Exclusive Interviews: Kirby Buckets’ Cast On What To Expect, Halloween Episode, Beyonce, Wolves & More


Kirby Buckets is not only Disney XD’s new series but it’s also the name of the main character of the series. A 13 year-old boy, Kirby’s dream is to become a famous animator like his idol, Mac MacCallister. In the series, we follow him and his two best friends, Fish and Eli, as they get into shenanigans in the town of Forest Hills. We also meet Kirby’s sister, Dawn, who unfortunately finds herself the subject of Kirby’s design, and her best friend, Belinda. But more importantly, we the audience get to see Kirby’s animated characters come to life and illustrate Kirby’s state of mind throughout the show.

If you don’t fall in love with Kirby Buckets within minutes of the premiere, then you’re not watching the show. The best way I can describe it is Malcolm in the Middle meets Lizzie McGuire. It’s funny and endearing and I’ll be adding it to my TV schedule (yes, I’ll make space for it, that’s how much I enjoyed it!).

TV Equals was on the set of Kirby Buckets recently and got a chance to get the inside scoop on what we can expect from the series from the cast itself. They teased a really great halloween episode, explained the behind-the-scenes to bringing the animations to life and more.

Below you will find our video interviews with the cast including Jacob Bertrand (“Kirby”), Mekai Curtis (“Fish”), Cade Sutton (“Eli”), Olivia Stuck (“Dawn”) and Tiffany Espensen (“Belinda”).

Kirby Buckets premieres tonight, Monday, October 20, at 8pm on Disney XD.

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