NCIS: LA Season 6 Review “Praesidium”

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“Praesidium” got the ball rolling again after last week’s letdown. I do have some quibbles, but overall the episode was what I like to see on NCIS: LA. After its events too, I’m also swinging back towards the thought that Owen Granger may not be the man he says he is. Leon Vance (yay!) told Hetty she has a leak in her personnel. Granger is the only person to fit that bill. Since his introduction, I’ve been iffy on the Assistant Director of NCIS. Miguel Ferrer also plays shady characters very well. Recently, I had come to trust him more, but if Vance says that Hetty has a leak, I’m looking at Granger. The team may be focusing their attention on Mattias, Hetty’s German enemy, but I have a feeling he’s not the main problem. Perhaps Granger hired the German to get rid of Hetty to keep the trail away from him. For now, that’s my theory. The one thing that doesn’t fit in with all this is the assassin we saw watching Hetty last week at the end of “Inelegant Heart.” Was he connected to Mattias’ men? Was it Mattias himself? I hope that little tidbit is explained.

I was also glad to see Kensi’s incident in Afghanistan revisited. I still think Jack will make a reappearance down the road and hope the conversation about him between Kensi and Special Investigator Wallace was an indicator. I’m also still unsure if Deeks knows Jack was Kensi’s former fiancée. If Wallace has that information, Deeks probably does, but I have no memory of he and Kensi talking about it. And if he does know, why have he and Kensi not discussed it? Yes, Jack is out of Kensi’s life now, but he was a part it previously and she almost got killed over rescuing him. Considering Deeks and Kensi were sleeping on the couch together and he suggested them living together, a conversation about a harrowing ordeal with an ex-fiancée would be mandatory. If I somehow missed this, please let me know because it’s driving me nuts!

Let’s hope next week is also on the level of “Praesidium” and not “Inelegant Heart.”

More Thoughts As I Work On My Award-Winning Daffodil Garden

– There were lots of little nuggets about Hetty this episode. For one, woman is rich. Like 4 houses, a loft, and a boat rich. Like she could help fund the mission in Afghanistan rich. Also, she’s met the Pope (looked Jon Paul II). In other words, she’s even more awesome than what we already thought. RIP to her security guard of 9 years, David Duke.

– That being said, even though Hetty is Edna Mode, her fake health scare seemed implausible. Was her lawyer in on it too? How did she plan the whole thing with the EMT?

– I love that Vance wanted to meet in the museum.

– Special Investigator Wallace may be the new thorn in our team’s side, but I sure do like Aisha Hinds a lot. More interactions with her and the team please. And can you imagine Nell and Eric working the IT department at PetCo?

– Nell had her first kill this episode. I hope that storyline is revisited.

– Even though my money is on Granger as the leak right now, he sure was bringing out the funny during his interrogation by Wallace. “I thought we were doing word association.” Cheeky, cheeky, sir.

– “I also know the Colonel’s 11 herbs and spices.” Do you know the secret to the Coke formula as well, Deeks?!