‘Castle’ (Season 7): What is Richard Hiding From Himself?

Richard Castle

Over the last two episodes of the seventh season of Castle, viewers have learned that Richard Castle (series lead Nathan Fillion) was kidnapped from his much anticipated wedding to Detective Kate Beckett (series lead Stana Katic); but once he was found, he revealed that he could not remember being gone for over two months’ time

And after tracking down every possible lead, it would seem that Richard was behind his own disappearance if the revelation made by “Henry Jenkins” (guest star Matt Letscher) to Castle himself inside an abandoned warehouse in Montreal is any indication. But why?

What happened in Rick’s past – apparently something he saw or witnessed when he was a mere 11 years of age – that could have scarred him so much that he would arrange for his memory to be wiped in the present day but also formed his path of becoming a mystery novelist.

Hopefully over the course of this latest season, clues will be revealed giving viewers a chance to unravel this crazy case of what is Richard hiding from himself?

What could he have seen at that young age?

Whatever it was was obviously harsh enough that he does not want to remember it now? Or else he would not have gone through such a complex web to deceive himself, put his family, Kate and the police team through sheer hell to get him back and learn what happened.

Let’s just hope that the powers that be behind the show don’t drag this storyline along for too much longer like the Senator Bracken storyline for Kate or the 3XK case for all of them. I would imagine, however, that viewers will be waiting for much of this season to play out before we get all the details.

What do you think Richard witnessed when he was little that led to all of this? Please share your thoughts below.

The next new episode of the seventh season of ‘Castle’ will air on Monday, October 20 at 10/9c on ABC.