Castle Season 7 Review “Clear & Present Danger”

Castle Season 7 Episode 3 Clear & Present Danger (9)

After two tense episodes of Castle it felt good to be back to normal last night with an episode all about a pool shark’s murder, Ryan’s new job and an invisible killer. I was crossing my fingers in the opening scene when we first see Castle and Beckett facing one another, reading, but not talking. It’s unlike these two to be silent for long. Sure enough things fall back into place with the realization that they are both ready to share some much needed alone time. Castle’s face is priceless and extremely convincing as they both tell each other about just how ready they have been!

Off to investigate a pool shark’s demise, the two arrive to a bloody scene with broken glass and a pool stick impaling the victim. A video later shows movement in the apartment, but no-one is around. This of course leads Castle to declare that an invisible killer did it. We later find out that it was the clever creation of a man who managed to create an invisibility cloak – like Harry Potter. It was great to see Castle tease Beckett with his theories again.

Other highlights of this week’s episode of Castle was Esposito teasing Ryan about his new job as a bouncer at a male strip club! Those two are always good for a laugh. Castle’s booby trapping techniques brought the laughs as well. And Castle and Beckett finally did manage to get some much needed alone time when all was said and done.

Are you glad to see the mystery solving couple back? Will we find out more about where Castle has been?