5 Reasons You Should Watch Z Nation

Z Nation - Addy, Murphy, 10K

Be forewarned, this article discusses the first 5 episodes of Z Nation, so if you have not seen them and do not like spoilers, you might want to turn back now!

I am a devoted fan of that other zombie show; you know the one, with the very serious folks who are constantly covered in blood spatter? The one where no one is safe, ever; The Walking Dead. I absolutely look forward to each new season.

But now there is another zombie show on TV. We are currently five episodes into Z Nation. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t think Z Nation is competition for The Walking Dead. No, Z Nation, airing on Syfy on Friday nights at 10 pm can’t really be considered competition, since it is such a different show. Oh, sure, they do have commonalities. On both shows, they must use a head shot to kill the zombies. And all of humanity is infected with the virus, so when someone dies for any reason, they come back as a zombie. That’s really it, though, if we must compare.

So, what makes this show special and worthy of watching? I have made a list of the five reasons I think you should give it a try. Keep reading…


Z Nation - Liberty Bell

One of the biggest complaints you hear from fans of The Walking Dead is the pacing. It can at times be very slow and deliberate. Those two words cannot be used to describe Z Nation however! Nope, Z Nation moves along at a brisk pace, and does not typically dwell on anything. Heck, even the zombies move with alacrity, and in fact have been seen chasing cars!

The action sequences are numerous and energetically paced on this show. One of my favorite action sequences was when they used the Liberty Bell – by accident – to annihilate a series of zombies. We all know the Liberty Bell is heavy, right? Well, it was on the flatbed of a truck, and when the truck swerved it came loose from its moorings and set off down the street, smooshing and obliterating a series of zombies unfortunate enough to be in its path. It was epic!


Z Nation - Zombienado

This program has its tongue firmly planted in its cheek. No joke is too small or trope too sacred. For example, in a recent episode as they fought off a hoard of zombies, Charles and Roberta were also nonchalantly discussing romance, treating the zombies like gnats buzzing around needing to be swatted.

In another episode, Doc ended up trapped in an air shaft with a zombie just inches away. To reduce the tension he felt, he started smoking a joint, and blew the smoke into the zombie’s face. As the joint burned down, he threw it into the zombie’s mouth, wanting to “share” the last toke. Interestingly enough, the zombie appeared to be stoned after that!

Then of course I must mention the elephant, erm… tornado, in the room! Yes, seeing as how this show is brought to us by the good folks that graced us with Sharknado and Sharknado 2, did we really think there would *not* be a Zombienado? Come on!

Anything Goes

Baby Zombie - Z Nation

Normal rules for zombies are being bent by this show every week. While I am not an authority, I do not ever remember zombie viruses being transferred to animals. This show, however, featured a zombie dog in one episode. For people already afraid of dogs, that brings the terror to a whole new level!

And then I feel obligated to mention the first episode, where we were treated to the sight of a baby zombie. Yes, you heard that right. A baby was found in a wrecked car, and it was still alive, but later succumbed and turned into a zombie. And, this baby then became a super fast crawler, not to mention a flesh eating killer, taking out one the main characters along with his zombie mom.

Pop Culture References

Z Nation - Murphy and 10K

Z Nation is brimming with pop culture references, mostly related to zombies of course. Personally, I adore it when TV shows or movies reference pop culture! In the very first episode, The Walking Dead is given a shout out when Hammond mentions getting directions from an “ex-cop and some others taking shelter in a prison.”

In another episode, while discussing the apocalypse Mack said “Romero had it right,” referring to the fact everyone is now infected with the virus. Then there was the episode where they were eating the last of their snacks, and those snacks just happened to be Twinkies, a nice salute to Zombieland. In addition, at one point they sat on a hill overlooking a mall that was in ruins, a reference to Dawn of the Dead.


Addy - Z Nation

I happen to love snark, and this show delivers the mother load for me! Addie has the great line, “I look like a post apocalyptic stripper” after being forced by her captors to participate in their lure for men. She also comments on the latest crop of zombies as they drive through Pennsylvania: “Amish zombies? Really? Really?”

At another point after they removed the front wheel from one of their vehicles and discover a zombie entangled in the shaft Doc says, “Well that explains the pull to the left.”

That mall I mentioned above? Murphy had this comment about that: “Black Friday sale.”

And, when talking about the current state of affairs and zombie movies Addy had the great line: “Night of the Living Dead. Great movie. Sucky reality.”


Have you watched Z Nation? What do you think about it? Do you have more reasons that people should watch? Please let me know in the comments section below!