Intruders Season 1 Review “There is No End”

Intruders (BBC America) episode 8 There Is No End (6)

So, yeah, that was definitely a finale, I guess. I mean, Intruders went through all the motions as the characters meandered their way through the secret Reverti base, but in the end, storylines were either left hanging or rushed to an unsatisfying conclusion. As a result, “There is No End” failed to stick the landing, making this whole season of viewing feel extremely unsatisfactory.

So much of this hour was dedicated to sneaking around hallways in silence, I almost couldn’t believe it. The Reverti hideout didn’t even seem that big, so we didn’t even get that much out of exploring it. Perhaps the biggest moment was when Jack started tearing through trigger artifacts and destroying them, but even this felt like a weird reveal. Yes, Rose had given her former lover a trigger, but this seemed like an out-of-the-ordinary move; the numerous triggers Jack broke seem to suggest the Reverti have a vast number of family members and loved ones they keep bringing back.

In fact, the rules of the Reverti continue to baffle me, as they’ve yet to give a whole lot of direct answers. That said, I don’t know how much any of it really matters, given how underwhelming this finale was. For example, the opening with Rose in the past was interesting from a stylistic angle, it ultimately had nothing to do with what followed. Really, Rose barely factored into this finale, which was shocking given how much of a driving force she’s been for Jack this season. And now, she’s offering him a job as a Shepherd, after she’s torn his world apart? Does she really think he could ever be fully trusted?

As for Madison, well, I guess she’ll be gone if the show does get a second season, given that she was able to drive Marcus back into her subconscious. This was one of the few plot threads that reached an actual conclusion, but what a rushed conclusion it was. After falling out of control for several weeks, not only did Madison return to fight Marcus, but she was able to beat him with the power of love. It’s so slapdash and insulting, I can’t even believe it.

So, Intruders comes to a close with its fate still undecided. Time will tell if it manages to pick up a renewal, but with one of its most interesting characters gone and no clear indication of where the show has to go next, I can’t say I’m hopeful. However, if it does return, I just hope it manages to construct a stronger central narrative.

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