Haven Season 5 Review “The Old Switcheroo Part I”

Haven Season 5 Episode 5 The Old Switcheroo Part I (1)

It seems like a bad omen for the future of Haven that Syfy moved its time slot from Thursdays at 8pm to Friday at 7pm. Did this really need to be done midseason? The cast and Twitterverse have been working overtime to keep viewership up this season and switching the timeslot is a slap in the face to their efforts. What’s taken Haven’s Thursday slot? Reruns of Spartacus: Vengeance. Not cool.

Hopefully, you realized that the time changed and didn’t miss this week’s episode. A mysterious Trouble triggered a freaky Friday inspired switcheroo between the main characters, including Nathan/Duke, Dwight/Gloria, and Vince/Dave. The Trouble seemed to be connected with a secret shared by the two who were switched. For Nathan and Duke, it was the kiss that Duke and Audrey shared in Colorado. For Vince and Dave, it was Vince’s investigation into Dave’s adoption. As for Dwight and Gloria, we don’t know what their secret is and they didn’t seem to either. These last two had by far the most entertaining character switch. I loved the banter about their eating and bathroom habits.

While trying to uncover the source behind the Trouble, Nathan gets the brilliant idea to bring Mara along and treat her like Audrey. That seems to work and Audrey reappears and tells Nathan to leave her behind with Duke. She then tries to rekindle feelings in Duke related to the Colorado trip. She overplays her hand and doesn’t realize that Duke knows she’s Mara pretending to be Audrey. For someone who is just reading this review and hasn’t actually seen the show, this might sound completely hokey. It actually worked surprisingly well, though. A lot of credit needs to be given to Emily Rose who is masterful at transitioning between the various versions of Audrey.

The exploration of Dave’s past is intriguing. Vince and Dave arrive at the house listed in Dave’s adoption records and find a “thinny” behind it. But, we still don’t know the connection between Croatoan and the other realm that Dave comes from. I am wondering if the new family to whom Dave is connected is somehow also related to the group of guardians that Agent Howard belonged to. I really hope we get more information this season on who all of these supernatural beings are (Agent Howard, Mara, William, Dave) and how they all tie in with Haven.

As has been typical of this season, the Troubles span more than one episode, so we don’t have a resolution yet for the switcheroo. I wish there was a Trouble that could split Mara and Audrey so that we could have both characters. The more we see of Mara, the more enjoyable she is. It was a bit disappointing that Nathan didn’t realize that Mara was pretending to be Audrey. He really needs to let go of the Colorado thing. Nothing happened between Duke and Audrey and it was before Nathan and Audrey were even together.