Grey’s Anatomy Season 11 Review “Got to Be Real”

Grey's Anatomy Season 11 Episode 3 Got to Be Real (2)
For a show that’s been on the air for 11 years, Grey’s Anatomy is doing a pretty good job at keeping things interesting this season – so far. Of course, the doctors continue to be completely unprofessional in their personal interactions at work and the show might be revisiting some familiar territory with the secret sister storyline.

That aside, the Grey’s Anatomy writers have done well with the pacing of the major cliffhangers from season 10. I was bracing myself for all of the Maggie-related secrets to drag out until at least November sweeps. By the end of last night’s episode, Meredith finally accepted that Maggie was not some crazy, psycho stalker who took an odd, random interest in Ellis Grey. I’m sure that Meredith knew this as well, but needed the proof – I get it. What I didn’t quite get, however, was Maggie’s reaction to Richard revealing that he was her father. I’m hoping for now that the sheer shock of the news is what led her to be so irrational in her response. She knows how difficult it was for her to decide whether or not to open up to Meredith. I couldn’t quite follow her logic as she lashed out at Richard, but again, I suspect that cooler heads will prevail. Now that Meredith has accepted the truth about Maggie, it will be interesting to see how things proceed with the sisters.

Like Owen, there were a lot of characters that needed something good to happen last night. I like the combination of Owen, Callie and Avery working together. The (more than) six million dollar leg storyline with the veteran was a nice moment. Although Callie is soaring professionally, her personal life continues to be less than perfect. The uncertainty of Callie and Arizona’s relationship is one storyline I hope the writers will handle more efficiently.

As much as I like Bailey, I was hoping that Alex would win the board seat. For a moment, I thought that the writers would come up with some convenient loophole in which both Alex and Bailey ended up on the board together. I’m sure he’ll be back at Grey Sloan soon.

Another highlight of the episode was owning up to feelings of resentment. Owen knows he did right by Cristina, but he is understandably upset that he is now alone. I’m sure most Grey’s Anatomy viewers haven’t given up hope on Owen’s dreams of love and family coming true. It’s interesting that the writers are creating more scenes between Callie and Owen – who have both had their dreams of family crushed lately.

Until next week!

Overall, “Got to Be Real” was a pretty entertaining hour. What did you think? Sound off below!