How To Get Away With Murder Season 1 Review “Smile, or Go to Jail”

How To Get Away With Murder (ABC) Episode 3 Smile or Go to Jail (21)

And the hits just keep coming on How To Get Away With Murder. “Smile, Or Go To Jail” continued last week’s streak of focusing on one flashforward while having another engaging case of the week. There wasn’t any triumph though this time. If you think about it, Annalise’s determination to win Paula Murphy aka Elena’s case got Gabriel back on the street while keeping the soccer mom out of prison. Elena was smart in choosing Keating as her defense and taking advantage of the lawyer’s confidence (or arrogance, depending on who you ask). The reunion on the bus with Gabriel felt too easy, but I liked the fact that Annalise was outsmarted. No one, no matter how good, wins every time. If they do, it makes for an incredibly boring story. Better yet, Annalise realized her mistake too. So, how many times does something like that need to happen again for her to see what’s up? Because let’s face it, she’s not always going to have Wes waving the ‘duh’ flag in her face of what’s right.

Speaking of which, the reveal of Keating representing Rebecca instead of Griffin could be seen from a mile away. Granted, that didn’t make the actual moment of her presenting the statue to Wes and Bonnie telling Sam any less gratifying. I kept waiting for that moment to happen and was not disappointed when it did. Rebecca is obviously out of jail by the time of Sam Keating’s murder (along with being in the room at the incident) so it looks like Annalise will win her case. The fun part now will be watching her do so.

Gold Stars

– Michaela is a girl who knows what she wants (also see demerits), and Aja Naomi King had a great showcase this episode. In fact, young Michaela is not far off from Professor Keating. Don’t stand in her way though, or she’ll tear you down.

– Ana Ortiz and Jason Gedrick as this week’s horrible humans. For one, any time seeing Hilda Suarez on tv makes me a happy camper. Ortiz was downright daffy too in her portrayal of Elena/Paula. That whole scene of her laughing in the car? Even Annalise and Bonnie seemed freaked out by it (which is saying something). Also, I didn’t even recognize Gedrick as Gabriel. It’s freaking Iron Eagle!

– Matt McGorry as Asher again gets all the best lines.


– Michaela is so wound up that sooner or later she is going to explode. Also, you lost your big ass engagement ring!

– I’ve seen a lot of people elsewhere on the Internet rave about Connor. Count me as one of the few who finds him to be an annoying, arrogant prick. My hope is that his version of the flashforwards will be next week and will shed more light onto his situation.

– Wes questioning Rebecca: did you really think that was going to work out well? For one thing, you’re on camera, and two, what name did you use to sign in with?

– Sam did not show up for his speech at Yale. Was this because he was murdering Lila or is it a red herring and perhaps he was just cheating on Annalise with another woman?

Unsure/No Movement

– Rebecca: I’m not sure what her game is at all. I get the sense that she’s doing it out of fear though. She hides Lila’s phone in Wes’ bathroom. She confesses on tape to murdering Lila but is then shown in next week’s previews contradicting that statement to Annalise.

– Nate: He learns that Sam’s alibi doesn’t hold up but lies to Annalise about it. Will he continue his own personal investigation on the matter? My guess is yes, and he’ll be able to do so without Annalise breathing down his neck. She is going to be pissed though when she discovers the truth.

– Frank: He’s not a lawyer. Interesting.

Where We Stand Now

– If Sam did indeed murder Lila my guess is Rebecca knew something about it but was afraid to tell. Based on her being at the scene of Sam’s death now, it could be that she or one of the other students killed him in self-defense. Of course, this theory will probably change after next week’s episode.

*Special Demerit to the wasp that stung my right index finger and has made me feel horrible this whole week*