NCIS Season 12 Review “So It Goes” – Will Ducky’s Past Become His Future?

NCIS Season 12 Episode 3 So It Goes 10

In this episode of NCIS, called “So It Goes,” a new case leads Ducky on a trip down memory lane and into the life he once left behind.

I love that this show, twelve seasons in, can still give us history on the main characters that can surprise us. In this episode we learned a lot more about Ducky and some moments from his past that shaped the man he is today.

Who knew that his love of bow-ties was connected to the woman of his dreams and his desire to keep her close to his heart, even if he couldn’t have her in his life? “The Three Musketeers” had a friendship that that allowed them to get close, but when a friendship like that turns into love for one pair, it always ends in awkwardness. In this case it also ended in a few lost teeth.

I really felt for Ducky when he discovered that he was too late to tell Maggie that he loved her. I don’t know what held him back, but it was awful to see him declare that love and know immediately, from the look in Maggie’s eye, that he was about to be rebuffed. I wish that he hadn’t chosen to leave forever, but I also know that it’s probably the only thing he could have done at the time.

Ducky’s speech at the end of the episode, about how he never got married because he didn’t want to repeat the mistakes of his best friend, hurt my heart. But I wonder if we’re about to see Ducky’s life go in a new direction. I hate to say it, but now that Angus is dead (and they were on their way to divorce anyway), Maggie is a free woman. Why couldn’t she come to D.C. to be with Ducky? How romantic would it be for them to find their love 40 years after they thought they lost the chance?

Personally, I think that would make for the happiest ending ever. And the best part is that it wouldn’t really be an ending. Ducky could go back to work with NCIS and we’d still have him as part of the team, but he’d have the home life he never thought he could. I really hope that happens for him.

My favorite bits:

Tony and Bishop giving Abby a full background report on Burt, and the fact that they all tried to hide it from McGee.

“I’m not overprotective.”
“Ok. So, I can date him?”
“Absolutely not!”

Gibbs echoing the whole “It’s the overprotective routine that’s getting old.” Ha!

Yikes. Tony and McGee are being extra snippy, aren’t they?

Ducky pointing out that he did the autopsies on Kate, Jenny and Mike and he wasn’t about to give up the last moments with his best friend.

The joke? Awful. Jimmy trying to cheer Ducky up? Priceless.

Awww! Look at young Ducky! Too cute that he used to call himself Donnie. Equally adorable that the ticket taker was a story-teller like he ending up becoming.

Not being at all surprised that Ducky had all of his vacation saved up.

Ducky running to the elevator. So cute.

“I do not snore.”
“Tell that to rows 4 through 29.”

“Put a sock in it.” – And with that, I instantly loved Maggie.

Gah! Young Ducky dancing. Adorable!

Finding out that Maggie gave Ducky his first bowtie.

Ducky wanted to be an obstetrician? Did we know that? Too interesting.

“How should I know? I’m a bloody doctor not a veterinarian.”

Bishop telling Ducky that he was hot. I have to say, I second that opinion.

Every time Abby said “supposedly” after McGee named off another victim.

Yep, I knew as soon as Buckett started bragging about what great shape he was in, he was going down.

Young Ducky letting Maggie put the bow-tie on him.

We now interrupt your regularly scheduled program for this very special announcement… Hot damn does Tony look good this season!… we now return you to your regularly scheduled program.

“With her, I’m going to take my time.”
“Over my dead body.”

Gareth not even realizing that Ducky had basically killed him.

Ducky counting down how many seconds Gareth had to live and demanding he told him why Angus was dead. Ducky is my hero.

“Is it someone you’re willing to die for? If so, you’re willing to be my guest.” – Ducky is a badass. That is all.

Gibbs and Tony smiling at each other as they let the suspect run right to McGee. Awesome.

Maggie coming to find Ducky. Good for her!

Ducky’s little smile when Maggie asked him why he was still wearing bow-ties. Aw!

Ducky’s speech on the bridge. I want them to be together forever now!

What did you think of this episode of NCIS? Got any favorite bits or least favorite bits of your own? Sound off in the comments below, I love hearing from you guys!

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