Castle Season 7 Review “Montreal”

Castle Season 7 Episode 2 Montreal (9)

Castle returned last night with a new conflict in the making – the wedding of Kate and Rick. The episode opened with an irritated Castle, who was trying his best to discuss his latest novels in an interview when he was bombarded on air about his disappearance and whether it was for publicity or just a way to get out of walking down the aisle.

The incident set the tone for the night. Kate still isn’t sure about where Rick has been and if she fully believes him. Rick’s behavior is also strange when the two work on their first case together – the murder of a toy store owner. Rick seems preoccupied with forgetting and extra playful as he kisses Gates (very strange) and then continuously plays with toys while Kate works the case. Kate’s right when she tells Lanie something is off with him.

For a brief minute, Martha brought some much needed comedy to the night as she tells Rick to hide. Her date from a grief support group is coming over and she hasn’t broke the news that Rick is in fact alive! Martha is always good for those light, funny, dramatic moments.

Eventually, we see Rick exhibit some signs of his old self when he manages to find a break in the toy case and weeds out the good clues from the bad after offering a hefty reward on air for any information in regards to his whereabouts. And while we aren’t much closer to finding out exactly what happened to Rick, at least there are clues in Montreal. As for Rick and Kate, it looks like we’ll be waiting to see what Beckett decides after revealing that she wants to wait to get married! Are they headed for a split? Will it be a longtime before we see Rick and Kate back to normal?