Supernatural Chat: 5 Things I Miss from Season 8

Supernatural Season 8 Episode 9 Citizen Fang (9)

Hey there, Supernatural fans! I don’t know about the rest of you, but I feel like a kid on Christmas morning. Not only do we have the Season 10 premiere to look forward to tomorrow night, we are also going to be treated to “A Very Special Supernatural Special” episode tonight.

Like me, it seems the creators felt that going into a tenth season was a good reason to look back at all the great things that have happened over the past nine seasons. I’m very curious to see if any of my favorite moments from each season will end up on the special.

With that, I present my final installment of my 2014 summer hellatus series, 5 things I miss from Season 8.


At the end of Season 7, we were left with a cliffhanger when Dean and Castiel were tossed into Purgatory with no apparent way to get out. In the Season 8 premiere, we found Dean already home but it took a while for the entire story his escape to become clear. In multiple flashbacks throughout the season, we saw what it was like for Dean, his new buddy Benny and Cas as they struggled in Purgatory. I miss those moments for many reasons, firstly because I liked the team that the three of them made up, secondly because I enjoyed the bonding of Dean and Benny and finally because I really liked watching the raw, feral quality of their life there. I almost wish we’d gotten to see more of it.


I will always love Sam and Dean as a team, but that doesn’t mean I can’t enjoy it when they form a friendship with someone else. Benny was someone that Dean would never had been friends with under normal circumstances, but Purgatory is anything but normal so it made sense he would become best buds with a vampire. The two of them had a lot of baggage so it wasn’t an easy friendship and it was heartbreaking at times to watch. Benny proved in the end that he deserved to be called an honorary Winchester when he allowed himself to be sacrificed to save Sam and Bobby from Purgatory.

The Cartoon Hunters

Season 8 delivered another one of its famous wild and woolly episodes with “Hunter Heroici.” Who can forget an episode where people were killed with giant anvils and their guts squished all over the ground like something out of the Road Runner? After eight seasons you’d think the writers would run out of bizarre ideas but this episode proved that there’s always something else up their sleeves. Something tells me we haven’t seen anything yet.

Supernatural Season 8 Episode 11 Larp and the Real Girl (10)


“LARP and the Real Girl” is on my list of favorites for a multitude of reasons. Not only because it was yet another hilarious episode, but also that it brought back Charlie. It was the episode that I feel solidified her part in the series. I don’t think a character has ever become so loved so fast by the fandom (well, except for the boys, of course). Then there was also all the fun of seeing Sam and Dean in the realm of a Renaissance Faire. I have no problem seeing them in those types of costumes on a regular basis, if the powers that be chose to send them back to Moondoor more often. I’m just sad we only got to see Sam in his costume at the very end of the episode.

The Trials

Season 8 was all about finding a way to close those pesky Gates of Hell forever and most of that task fell on Sam as part of The Trials. The Dean girl in me had hoped that the older Winchester would be put through the Trials, but once the job was literally dumped on Sam (in a pool of Hellhound blood), I was okay with it. Any time one of the brothers has such a task put in front of them, it makes for some interesting episodes and I liked how this story unfolded throughout the season.

What about you? Do you have anything you miss from Supernatural Season 8? Sound off in the comments below, I love hearing from you guys!

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