Why The Insane Joys of ‘Wedlock’ Starring Mark Duplass and Rob Corddry Will Charm You

Can a marriage be successfully reversed engineered? Can it be done without driving a marriage counselor insane? These two questions form the premise of Mark Duplass (The League), Jennifer Lafleur (Jeff Who Lives At Home, Baghead) and Rob Corddry (Children’s Hospital)’s new web series, Wedlock. The 10-part series is available on Vimeo On Demand for $3.99. A small price to pay for a comedy capable of packing so much farcical goodness in its five to six minute episodes.

Duplass and Lafleur play Dave and Fiona, two friends who have lived together for years and are certain they can have the perfect marriage. They even have a binder to prove it. Unfortunately, the one thing their relationship is missing is a relationship. The duo may be 100% in sync, but their Type A personalities and relentless drive have not led to anything close to passion. This is where poor, unsuspecting Dr. Jay comes in and has his life taken over by the two-person wrecking crew that is Dave and Fiona.

Corddry is typically an eccentric ball of energy when he is onscreen, but in Wedlock he plays the straight man balancing out the madness of Dave and Fiona’s demands. As Dr. Jay, Corddry finds a quiet desperation within himself he has never had the opportunity to display before. Dr. Jay allows his hubris to overtake his common sense when Dave and Fiona shower his methods with praise. From that moment on, his life belongs to two people who schedule their first kiss, embark on genderswapped role-playing exercises on their own accord and practice having sex by bringing in dolls to demonstrate where they are going wrong.

Wedlock‘s unusual premise is not just refreshing, it’s also capable of inducing riotous laughter. The concept is wholly original and the story continues offering twists revealing why Fiona and Dave are so wrong for each other right up until the very end. There is an element of silliness to the whole affair, but that is half the fun. Due to the short episodes, there is no time for subtlety, instead Wedlock packs as much offbeat comedy into each outing as possible. All the while, Dr. Jay is helpless in the face of Fiona and Dave’s relentless determination to make love bloom between them in order for them to create a perfect marriage. The deeper into the series the viewer goes, the darker the story becomes for Dr. Jay.

While viewers will likely be familiar with Duplass and Corddry, Lafleur, who is also a producer and co-creator of Wedlock, has mostly played smaller roles in independent projects. In Wedlock, Lafleur is a revelatory with as the fiercely motivated Fiona. One of the series’ highlights comes in episode five, “Future Fogies,” where Fiona gets into a fast paced argument between herself and Old Dave– the catch being she is playing both characters, leaving Lafleur to rise to the challenge of crafting a two-person argument with herself. Lafleur infuses Fiona with a level of intensity that is at once frightening and fearless. It is hard not to admire Fiona’s unrelenting devotion to making her perfect marriage happen. She may not be stable, but Fiona is a pleasure to watch thanks to Lafleur’s killer comedic chops.

“Future Fogies” is just one example of Wedlock‘s brilliance. Even in the midst of fall premiere season, this short form series stands out as an electric, darkly comedic piece of storytelling. From Dr. Jay barely hanging on to the last shreds of his sanity to Dave and Fiona’s steadfast belief they can force themselves to fall in love, Wedlock is a tale of the neurotic road to coupledom and the price one must pay in the pursuit of perfection. It also happens to be one of the funniest shows you will see anywhere this fall. Check out the trailer below and then head over to Vimeo to see Wedlock in all of its glory.

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