Intruders Season 1 Review “The Crossing Place”

Intruders (BBC America) episode 4 Ave Verum Corpus (6)

“The Crossing Place” played out like a bunch of bumper cars crashing into each other, with characters crossing paths and learning about other storylines in what felt like a random, chaotic order. Given that next week is the season finale, it’s understandable that this episode of Intruders would be mostly set-up, but all that set-up did was serve to show how disparate the show’s plotlines really are from one another.

Now, right away, I’ve got to give major kudos to John Simm, who brought a great deal of intensity throughout the episode, but especially in the opening scene. Jack’s spent much of this season in denial, so to see him finally lose it and accept that the Reverti are real was rewarding, especially given how bitter and angry Simm played Jack in the church. What followed was the journey of a man on a mission, as he tried to find Rose by any means necessary.

His story did falter out at the end, though, when he went to try and stop Gary’s suicide. This may be harsh to say about a guy that just fell to his death, but has there been a more pointless character on the show than Gary? For a main cast member, he really only spent one episode as an active participant. The rest of the time, he was either moping around his hotel room or simply disappeared for episodes at a time. So, unlike last week’s gut punch of an ending, Gary’s death just didn’t have the same impact.

As for the other characters, well, there’s really not a whole lot to say. Rose continued her weird, out-of-nowhere attempt to reunite with her old lover, which feels like an unnecessary addition to her arc this late in the season. Richard, meanwhile, said goodbye to his loved ones as he prepared for what he feels will be his last days alive. And Marcus continued to torment those who he feels have betrayed him with no real end goal in sight. Well, other than a chance to become a serial killer again, I guess.

And if all that sounds like a random string of story points, well, that’s kind of what it feels like at this point. All of the characters and conflicts are beginning to converge, but there’s little to actually connect them, either emotionally or thematically. It just feels like the show is drawing everything together because, hey, that’s what you’re supposed to do in a finale. As a result, it’s starting to feel like the show isn’t really building towards anything definitive. Instead, it’s just a collection of stories built around a central idea of reincarnation. Maybe things will pull together more successfully in the finale, but I’m not exactly holding my breath.

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