Parenthood Season 6 Review “Happy Birthday, Zeek”

Parenthood Season 6 Episode 2 Happy Birthday, Zeek (4)
The final season of Parenthood continued last night, as did the celebration of Zeek’s 72nd birthday. What do you get for the man who has it all? A Fitbit, lectures, and a tense family function. Granted it all came from a good place – the kids don’t want to lose their dad and Zeek wants to live his life on his own terms. Of course, it wouldn’t be Parenthood if the characters weren’t dealing with issues beyond Zeek’s health . . .


After getting over the shocking news of Amber’s pregnancy, Sarah then thought about Amber’s future and how difficult it would be for her daughter to become a mother at such a young age. Amber has come a long way over the last few seasons, but she’s still very young and has a lot more growing up to do. Although Sarah’s concerns were valid, it wasn’t what Amber needed to hear at the moment. Despite the rocky start, the two ended the episode on a great note as Sarah comforted Amber. I think Amber is going to need all of the support she can get, as I suspect the situation will become much more complicated once she shares the news with Amber – especially if he returns to town with his mother.


I don’t have the best memory, but I was pretty sure that the breakup of Joel and Julia’s marriage was not entirely Joel’s fault. In fact, I thought that it was Julia who first shut down and stopped communicating with Joel and had a fling with the parent of one of Sidney’s schoolmates. Joel did not react well to the revelation and indeed, he did decline Julia’s attempts to talk about things. Watching Joel and Julia’s marital issues was one of my least favorite parts of last season and the same remains true of this season.

In the premiere, it looked like Sydney and Victor were well adjusting well to their parents’ separation. I was clearly mistaken. Sydney stopped taking her anger out no Victor and has now turned her attention to a schoolmate. I found it curious that Julia was shocked that Sydney might be a bully – that little girl has always been awful. Always.


I wonder how long it will take before the stress of running a school and the Luncheonette will take its toll on Adam and Kristina’s marriage. Adam’s idea for the cue-linary arts saved the day, but it’s pretty clear that food allergies will just be the first in a long line of challenges for Kristina.

Other thoughts and observations . . .

– Loved the Zeek/Amber scene and that he had the instinct to know that it was a secret. The scene with Camille and Zeek later in the episode talking about how Sarah was just pregnant with Amber was sweet.

– Zeek is going to have the surgery and I really need him to pull through.

– Ray’s fixation on the “logistics” of Amber’s impregnation was hilarious and completely understandable.

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