Grey’s Anatomy Season 11 Review “Puzzle With A Missing Piece”

Grey's Anatomy Season 11 Episode 2 Puzzle With A Piece Missing (3)
Oh, Maggie. Watching her try to adjust to life at Grey Sloan Memorial is so stressful! I can’t remember the last time a new doctor joined the hospital and had such a hard time on Grey’s Anatomy. Was Teddy the last new character/doctor to get off to a rocky start? After 11 seasons, it’s hard to remember.

Like the core group of doctors at Grey Sloan, I find it hard to adjust to new additions to the group. I still think of Jo and Stephanie as newbies, and they’re several seasons in now. Although she struggled to fit in with her new colleagues, she won me over as a new addition to the show. I had my gripes with the writers’ decision to revisit another long lost sister to Meredith storyline, but I appreciate that the story has been developed through Maggie’s perspective.

The day was not a total loss for Maggie. Her love of solving puzzles helped save the life of a premature baby and helped the McNeils get some long overdue closure as to why three of their kids all had the same heart defect. It also looks like Maggie may have found a friend in Amelia and possibly Arizona. She’s also found a very reliable, talented resident to work with in Jo. I think she also earned Owen’s respect – I’m hoping that he will help her or Amelia break their drought. Maggie may as well get into the Grey’s Anatomy tradition of sleeping with co-workers.

Unfortunately for Maggie, she could not extend her winning streak to her relationship with Meredith. Meredith wanted nothing to do with Maggie. I was six when my mother was pregnant with my younger brother and I have no recollection of any of it before the night he was born. I suspect Meredith is really overestimating the memory of a five-year-old child.

Other thoughts and observations . . .

– Loved Amelia feeling cheated out of not having had mind blowing, possibly stroke inducing sex.

– Glad to see Callie and Arizona reach an agreement on the fellowship. I’m not confident that this is the end of their differences.

– I got a little teary watching Maggie’s conversations with her parents and when Meredith responded angrily to the revelation that Ellis is Maggie’s mother. It’s been a LONG time since Grey’s Anatomy made me weepy.

Until next week!

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