Legends Season 1 Review “Iconoclast”

Legends (TNT) Episode 6 Gauntlet (1)

On the latest episode of “Legends,” we once again picked up where we left off, in “Iconoclast,” with Aaron Rawley, one of the real co-conspirators in Prince Abboud’s murder, making a break for it and rushing back to the hotel to get his things so he could leave town ASAP. Unfortunately for him, boss Porter, the COO of Arcadia, and the one who actually commissioned the hit on Abboud, wanted to cut his losses, so he had the drone pilot Hassan take Rawley out before he could even leave his hotel.

As the team discovered later, this was all part of a larger conspiracy, involving the Abboud’s cousin, Fayeen, who wanted Abboud taken out because of his forward-thinking politics, which involved helping along women’s rights- just as he had promised patsy Hani Jabril he would. In exchange for oil rights and the like, Porter offered to take care of Fayeen’s not-so-little problem, framing Jabril in the process, who was actually supposed to be taken out in the bombing as well, but was saved by Odum.

Sadly, the State Department was all too willing to let sleeping dogs lie and let Jabril go down for the crime, so it was up to the team to discredit the charges and come to Jabril’s rescue. Some quick thinking- and highly illegal maneuvering- led Maggie to get the evidence they needed to prove what was really going on, but they couldn’t legally use the ill-begotten info, so it was up to Odum to entrap Fayeen by reassuming his Egan alter-ego and printing an article claiming that he had the info to blow the lid off what really happened with Abboud, with a future article coming with hard evidence to prove it.

Alas, it worked all too well, as Fayeed took the bait and sent some men after Odum, successfully kidnapping him right out from underneath the team’s noses, and taking him to an undisclosed location to torture the information about who had the evidence out of him. Even worse, they knew he wasn’t actually Egan at all, but Odum, an undercover agent for the FBI. The episode ended with his estranged wife and child being abducted by Fayeed’s people, which isn’t good, to say the least.

Though a bit of a transitional episode, and mostly about maneuvering the various characters to certain places, in particular Odum and his family, it was nonetheless fairly unpredictable. I certainly didn’t see the big twist of Fayeed’s people knowing Odum’s “real” identity coming and kidnapping his family, but Odum is certainly in a lot deeper than he ever thought he would be as a result of that, that’s for sure.

I also like that Maggie figured out that Odum’s “real” identity wasn’t his own, and that Gates was in on it, and was actively involved in covering up whatever his true identity really was. Thankfully, she was smart enough to go to Crystal, who was wise enough to tell her to sit on it for now, until they could figure out more about what was really going on.

Although, if you think about it, are we really sure we can trust Crystal, either? Maybe Rice would have been a better option, but I can see why she went to Crystal instead, as she’s one of the few who seems to be actively looking out for Odum, and one of the few who objected to Gates constantly putting him undercover to the point of it messing with Odum’s mind. Honestly, though, who knows who we can trust on this show? That’s kind of the point, I imagine. I trust Maggie, though- that girl is getting things done.

So, all in all, another solid episode, with some nifty twists and turns and a grabber of an ending that definitely makes me look forward to next week’s big finale. This has definitely been a quick-moving series thus far, and I’m glad that we get a two-hour finale to wrap things up, at least to a certain degree. I certainly hope that the show gets renewed, and I love the way things have played out so far. It’s definitely one of the better new summer shows out there, to be sure.

What did you think of “Legends” this week? Did you see the big twist coming? Who do you really think Odum is, and why is Gates covering it up? Why is his ex-wife helping, for that matter? What will happen to Odum in the next episode? Will his team save the day, or will Odum die before he gives up the information he has? Let me know what you think down below and see you next week!