Exclusive ‘Resurrection’ Season 2 Interview: Samaire Armstrong Previews What’s Ahead For Elaine and Arcadia


After a mesmerizing first season of beyond the grave reunions, mysteries and heartbreaking family drama, Resurrection has returned to deliver more heartfelt supernatural drama in season two. Recently, TV Equals spoke with Samaire Armstrong who plays Elaine, Resurrection‘s most grounded and resilient character. The talented actress shared a few hints about what is ahead, whether or not she would stay in the town of Arcadia if she were in Elaine’s shoes and delved into what makes Elaine tick.

New episodes of Resurrection air Sundays at 9/8c on ABC.

TV Equals: Season one of Resurrection ended on a crazy cliffhanger. What can you tell us about season two?

Samaire Armstrong: The end of season one definitely had a huge cliffhanger and I will say that in the first few episodes a ton is revealed. We don’t really hold that question for too long. We give an answer pretty quickly.

TV Equals: What is the one episode or storyline you are most looking forward to the fans seeing this season?

Samaire Armstrong: Oh there are so many good developments happening…I enjoy my storyline, but yeah, I am excited for them to watch it all. As the season goes on, the storylines begin to intertwine more and more and more stuff is revealed.

This show never ceases to amaze me. Every time I get a script my jaw just drops, I’m gasping for air—I just cannot believe we are doing that sort of thing and it is always out of left field. I am just excited for them to watch the whole season over all.

TV Equals: Last season, Elaine’s storyline largely revolved around the return of her father, Caleb. What is she going to be up to this year?

Samaire Armstrong: I think one thing Elaine has storywise that kind of leads into this year really nicely is that she has had a Returned come and go, and also kind of been burned by a Returned. Where her loyalty lies in terms of Returned and not Returned, that is what she is trying to discover. Are these real people? Are they who they say they are? She didn’t have a Jacob come back, so she is sort of on the fence about who her alliance is with.

TV Equals: Do you think Elaine’s journey will impact her friendship with Maggie?

Samaire Armstrong: I think so. Ultimately, Maggie is her best buddy so that comes first for her in a lot of ways. Maggie is her only family, aside from Ray, obviously, but Maggie has probably been more consistent in her life than anyone, so her support is more along the lines of being supportive of what Maggie is going through than what Maggie’s mother is going through. She is always there for Maggie.

TV Equals: What do you think are Elaine’s greatest strength and weakness?

Samaire Armstrong: I definitely feel like Elaine tries to stay in reality even though she is not scientifically minded like Maggie. She definitely has her own way of understanding the situation that is rather grounded, and then she is also very compassionate and has heart, like this may not make sense, but she still feels for these people who are confused and bewildered.

She also believes these people coming back are a second chance for whoever these people’s attachment is with. Because what is the point otherwise? I think that is how she makes sense of it. If it’s not to put to bed the tear between the two people, if they are not here for any other reason it is probably to make everything okay. Then if it doesn’t work out then that is how you get over it too, which is what happened to Elaine.

TV Equals: Why do you think Ray was able to see that something was not right with Caleb before Elaine could?

Samaire Armstrong: You know, that’s a really good question. I think that in a lot of ways, Ray has some insight into that truth. I think for Elaine, when something as crazy as a family member coming back after being dead, you just want to believe it. It was probably easier for her to believe he was a good guy so that she could put to rest all of the bad memories of being alone, and Ray did not have that sort of emotional attachment with his dad in terms of feeling left or abandoned. He didn’t need to mend those wounds, sort of speak.

TV Equals: If you, Samaire, were in the town of Arcadia, would you stay?

Samaire Armstrong: Yes, this sort of stuff totally piques my interest! I love the supernatural, I love the unexplained. I would be so stoked to be at the center of what was going on in that regard. I would totally stay.

TV Equals: If you could guest star on any other television series, which one would it be and why?

Samaire Armstrong: Oh man, I am obsessed with True Detective. It is probably because it seems so raw and rugged. That would be a great show to guest star on.

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