The Bridge Season 2 Review “Jubilex”

The Bridge Season 2 Episode 13 Jubilex (1)

“The whole thing is a bullshit game!”

The Bridge closed out its immensely satisfying 2nd season with an episode that brought closure to one couple while leaving mostly everything else up in the air. It makes me extremely happy that Linder survived his shooting and got to reconcile with Eva. That was the one moment of relief I felt while watching “Jubilex.” Because for every moment of victory our heroes obtained, a shroud of uncertainty and instability surrounded it. Yes, Fausto was brought in by Marco, but his incarceration looks like it will be extremely problematic. Sonya finally caught Eleanor, but killed the ex-Mennonite’s father in the process on Juarez soil. Alex Buckley will take the fall as a rogue agent while the CIA will no doubt continue their process in some other form. Frye and Adriana will continue their work, but Buckley definitely planted those seeds of doubt into Frye’s head about his partner. Adriana still also doesn’t have a definite answer on her sister’s disappearance. And the son of a bitch Robles fled the station without his badge. As the camera zoomed out on Sonya, Marco, and Eleanor, the grand scheme of things came into my brain. And in that, Sonya and Marco are just a small piece of an insanely large ever-changing puzzle. There will always be blood; always be bullshit games. But each little victory is always important. And each moment shared by people like Linder and Eva all the more poignant.

More Thoughts As I Eat Some Good Caramel Corn

– I definitely believed Fausto and Eleanor would bite the dust this week, but Elwood Reid surprised me.

– Brilliant work by Franka Potente this outing. The scene where she confronts her father was heart-breaking.

– Fausto projectile vomiting on Obregon was all kinds of hilarious and gross.

– So glad Cesar made an appearance, however brief.

– The finale definitely works as a series ender should that be the case. I hope it’s not though and The Bridge is allowed one more season (hopefully focusing on the lost girls of Juarez aspect). Who the heck would renew Tyrant and not this?!

– Cheers to Diane Kruger, Demian Bichir, Ted Levine, Thomas M. Wright, Matthew Lillard, Emily Rios, Annabeth Gish, Brian Van Holt, Lyle Lovett, Ramon Franco, Alejandro Patino, Johnny Dowers, Bruno Bichir, Daniel Edward Mora, Juan Carlos Cantu, Stephanie Sigman, and Franka Potente.