NCIS: LA Season 6 Review “Deep Trouble, Part 2”

NCIS: Los Angeles Season 6 Premiere 2014 Deep Trouble, Pt. II-4

Let me start off by saying that the thought of being on a submarine makes me anxious enough (having been on one, those suckers are a tight squeeze). Add in being trapped and speeding towards an aircraft carrier in San Diego as a bomb, and you have the makings of my worst nightmare. Even though Callen and Sam have training and experience, it’s the kind of situation that would make many crumble. Thankfully not them! Instead, they went all MacGyver and worked their way through it. And those scenes were my favorite of the NCIS: LA Season 6 premiere. We all knew they would make it out alive, but I still appreciated seeing them work through the process. Each move they made resulted in a counter by the terrorists. It was an actual struggle. Too often situations are made so simple for protagonists on network television. With being trapped on that sub, Sam and Callen had to access everything in their mental toolboxes, if you will. Witnessing these skills of our two leads made up for the fact that they both survived (which I’m glad they did, but it’s just incredibly unrealistic). If anything, I’m looking forward to more MacGyver action from them now.

I’m thankful for the Sam/Callen material too because boy oh boy was I not happy with the Kensi/Deeks/Talia aspect of the premiere. I have no problem whatsoever with Kensi and Deeks being a ‘will they or won’t they’ couple. That being said, it’s not necessary adding a third person into that situation. And having Talia as a character just to cause friction is a waste of Mercedes Mason. The whole catfight between Kensi and her was painful to watch. To top it off they then became bffs by the end of the episode! No, no, no! I better not see anything like that again. Glad next week is a Hetty-centric episode: yes, yes, yes.

More Thoughts As I Down Some Apple Juice

– Love that Sam can drop math knowledge like a bitch

– Eric disconnecting Hetty: not cool. You better sleep with one eye open sir!

– Umm, wouldn’t Callen and Sam need to be checked out by actual doctors after that whole ordeal?

– And who is Sam’s mobile plan with? He got some awesome reception underwater to be able to send his wife a text.