Resurrection Season 2 Review “Revelation”

Resurrection Season 2 Episode 1 Revelation (7)

In the second season premiere of the fascinating “Resurrection,” we picked up about a week or so from where we left off, as Agent Marty Bellamy woke up in a grassy field, not unlike Jacob in the show’s pilot. Frantically searching for a missing Jacob, who was with him as he fled Arcadia in the last season’s finale, he was relieved to find him safe and sound back at his parents’ house, apparently brought back by soldier types, along with everyone else that was from Arcadia originally.

The rest of the returned, however, were nowhere to be found, and Marty later discovered that the entire thing had been covered up by the government and labeled as a hoax, with Sheriff Fred Langston completely discredited and now basically the laughingstock of the town. Understandably, this had led to a considerable amount of resentment on his end, leading in turn to his falling off the wagon again and drinking his woes away, when not contemplating suicide or starting fights. Needless to say, he was not so happy to see Marty back in town, adding him to the list of people he got into a tangle with.

Marty reconnected with Dr. Maggie, who gave him the seal of approval, health-wise, even though Marty couldn’t remember exactly what had happened to him after leaving Arcadia, save that he and Jacob were abducted by some shadowy people and he was taken to an interrogation room and injected with something or the other, which made him forget the rest. He later admitted to Maggie he was still haunted by an incident in which he previously lost a child who was supposed to testify against a human trafficking ring, which was why he was so rattled by losing Jacob.

He also admitted being confounded by the way the child’s father had found God after the fact, after having lost so much. Maggie offered him a place to stay in the short-term, which was part of what led to the aforementioned altercation with her father later on, as he saw Marty leaving her house the following morning. Marty also contacted his partner Toni, and set up a meet in Chicago, only when he gets there, he sees two of the people responsible for abducting him and Jacob and bolts.

After tracking down Toni, she admitted she set him up because the people concerned told her Marty was unstable and needed to be put under psychiatric care, which Marty didn’t go a long way towards disproving, given his actions. Toni also clearly bought into the hoax story, though she seemed to be having second thoughts about Marty after he left, so maybe there’s still hope for her yet.

However, when Marty went back to his apartment, the woman from the interrogation room was there, and insisted on talking to him. Apparently, she wants Marty to continue doing what he’s doing, spying on Arcadia and reporting back to her, otherwise, he’ll be shipped off to wherever the rest of the returned were. If he does as she asks, then they’ll leave the returned in Arcadia alone, at least for now. She also made reference to Marty’s “special” way with the returned and that there was a reason for that- was Marty a returned himself?

In a flashback, we seemingly got an answer: Marty was shot by one of the agents in the interrogation room, only to return himself. Was he now a returned, or had he always been one? Does that mean the others who were killed will be back as well, like Elaine’s father? (It would appear so, from next week’s preview.) Further, others are coming back that hadn’t before, like Henry’s mother (Michelle Fairley, of “Game of Thrones,” who I didn’t even recognize!), who subsequently reconnected with her family, including Fredrick, who she stopped from killing himself. There also appears to be something odd happening with Rachel’s baby, with the timeline for the conception all off balance, though the baby itself seems fine.

As ever, this was an intriguing episode that raised as many questions as it answered, but in a good way. “Resurrection” sort of plays like an oddball mix of elements of “Lost,” “Under the Dome” and a more intellectual take on zombie flicks/shows. Instead of craving brains, though, these zombies seem to crave instigating certain changes. To what end is anyone’s guess, but it’s a fascinating watch, regardless. I’m definitely in.

What did you think of “Resurrection” this week? Why do you think Henry’s mother is back? What are those shadowy agents up to? Was this the first time Marty had been killed and came back, or have there been others? Why are the Arcadia people allowed to stay where they are? Will Marty spy on Arcadia as ordered, or will he try and pull a fast one? What’s up with Rachel’s baby? Sound off on this and more below, and see you next week!