Ray Donovan Season 2 Finale Review “The Captain”

The second season of Ray Donovan came to a satisfying close last night. Although Ray’s state of mind at the close of the finale was somewhat unclear, the character left no doubt in the minds of viewers that he is adept at fixing problems.

Unsurprisingly, Ray got out of prison and discovered a long list of missed calls from Cookie. His return calls go straight to voicemail, which was not a good sign. To make the situation even more stressful, Lena revealed that Terry was in prison and refusing bail.

As expected, Terry’s pride and stubbornness were to blame for his decision to decline Lena’s bail. A face-to-face visit between the brothers, along with some tense humor, was enough to get Terry to accept the bail money. Despite being out on bail, Terry is clearly resolved to do his time, as we saw him cleaning house both literally (throwing away his Ireland collection) and figuratively (by throwing out Mickey and telling him to never return).

With one problem solved, at least temporarily, Ray turned his attention back to the Cookie Monster. When he didn’t hear from Ray, Cookie relied on some of his other resources to obtain a copy of the video and he was only interested in speaking with Ray about a refund and whether or not he could let Bridget off the hook. It was amusing to hear Cookie stressing over the details of his son’s birthday part, considering the very serious family problems facing the Donovan family.

Like Ray, Abby’s mind was spinning with solutions for keeping her family safe. For awhile, she seemed to be going back and forth between killing Cookie herself and relocating the family to Boston. Jim was also concerned for the safety of Abby and the kids. He apologized for not being able to go through with it, endured a really awkward observation by Conor and ultimately offered up his own home as a safe haven – complete with a room for the kids. I can’t decide if Jim is the nicest guy in the world, or if he might be a little crazy and we just haven’t seen it yet. His gesture was extremely kind and considerate and I’m glad that Abby realized that what she “loved” about him is that he isn’t the kind of guy who would use his authority as a cop to kill someone as an easy solution to a problem. Although I think Jim’s feelings towards Abby are sincere, I have to wonder about a guy who would put so much on the line after such a short courtship. If Jim returns in season 3, it will be interesting to see how he handles Abby and Ray possibly working on their marriage.

Speaking of Abby and Ray, Abby looked poised to work things out with Ray upon learning that Cookie was dead and guessing that Ray was responsible for it. I’m not sure if Ray, however, is ready to give it another try with Abby. Although I don’t think the writers sold me on the connection between Kate and Ray (beyond the physical), his reaction to her death certainly suggested that she was more to him than a fling. I also think Ray’s decision to screw over Cochran and Ezra, when there was no pressing need to do so, seemed to be as much about Kate as it was Ray needing to break free of his toxic partnerships with both men.

Things weren’t all bad for the Donovan men. Mickey’s take from the pot store heist wasn’t as fruitful as he would have liked, but it was enough for him to go to the track and place a bet that made him a millionaire. The sight of Daryl, Mickey and Ronald watching the horses was pretty funny, particularly after the awkward chase and fisticuffs that preceded it.

Other thoughts and observations . . .

– The writers did a great job at leaving enough loose ends to keep us wanting season 3 as soon as possible. The fallout of Ray calling the police about the body at Ezra’s medical facility will be interesting. As I’ve previously stated, Ezra can be quite vengeful – even if he does outsource all of his vengeful acts. It will also be interesting to see the state of Avi and Ray’s relationship. I was glad to see Lena hugging Avi, as a sign that she understands why he killed Kate and that he genuinely did it out of concern for Ray. In a way, it was also done for Lena, as quieting Kate secured her job with Ray.

– I was disappointed to see such short service given to the resolution of Bunchy’s storyline. I’m glad that he went to group therapy and appeared to get some much needed clarity. With season 3 confirmed, I would have preferred to just have his storyline carry over.

– Season 2 as a whole has been a vast improvement to season 1, which is quite the feat because many shows don’t find their direction in the sophomore season.

Until next . . . season!

Well, fellow Ray Donovan fans, that’s a wrap for season 2! Tell me what you thought about the finale and what’s on your wish list for season 3!