‘Outlander’ (Season 1) – Who Should Claire Choose?

Claire and Her Husbands

Before Claire Elizabeth Beauchamp Randall (series lead Caitirona Balfe) traveled through the standing stones at Craigh Na Dun in the Scottish Highlands in 1945 back to the year 1743 in the new Starz series Outlander, she was a nurse during World War II and was happily married to Frank Randall (series regular Tobias Menzies). Their marriage was happy indeed, but as the years of war progressed, they spent more time apart than together.

Once the war came to an end, it was their hope to return to those happy pre-war days of their marriage, however, that seemed to be easier said than done despite their best efforts and the wonderful sex that always brought them back to each other.

But then there was that fateful day when Claire visited Craigh Da Nun alone to gather samples of a flower that caught her attention. As the wind whipped around the stones, Claire hears strange noises and after she touched the largest stone in the formation she traveled back in time to 1743.

Over the course of the following seven weeks, Claire was nearly raped, held captive and forced to remain at Castle Leoch (the home of the MacKenzie clan) as their healer but along the way she eventually made friends with Mrs. Fitz (recurring guest star Annette Badland), Geillis Duncan (series regular Lotte Verbeek) and one Jamie McTavish (nee Fraser) [series lead Sam Heughan].

Due to several unfortunate encounters, though, with Black Jack Randall (Menzies in a dual role), Claire had no choice but to marry a Scotsman in order to remain out of the hands of that sadistic, mad bastard. The Scotsman she married was Jamie.

Now, Claire is virtually living two separate lives in one time: she came to that time as Claire Randall, but had to pretend to be Claire Beauchamp (using her maiden name as cover), and then she became Claire Fraser.

And while Jamie has been – for all of a few days – a kind, caring husband and a passionate lover – Claire is torn between the life she lost by inadvertently traveling through the stones and the life she now finds herself in in 1743.

In the mid-season finale that aired last night, Claire discovered that she and the MacKenzie men were at Craigh Na Dun, the place where it all began; and she needed to decide who she was: Claire Randall or Claire Fraser.

It would seem she made her decision, as she ran for her life to reach the standing stones, screaming out Frank’s name and begging him not to leave without her when she heard his voice on the wind. Her efforts were, of course, thwarted by the redcoats, who captured her and took her to Fort William to face Black Jack.

But Jamie was not about to give up on his wife, as he appears in the final moments of the final scene of the show until next year, set to rescue her from the very man who not only flogged him but also wants him for a murder that he didn’t actually commit.

Fans will, of course, want to not only know how they will escape Fort William, but also what will Claire ultimately decide to do. Will she decide to stay in 1743 with Jamie or will she do everything in her power to get back to Frank in 1945? If you have read the book(s), then you will know her decision; but it will be very interesting, to say the least, how they play out her decision in the series. What do you want to see happen? Please share your comments below.

‘Outlander’ will return to Starz for the remainder of its debut season – eight more episodes are coming! – on Saturday, April 4, 2015 at 9/8c.