Intruders Season 1 Review “Bound”

Intruders (BBC America) episode 3 Time Has Come Today (9)

This week’s episode of Intruders took a different approach from normal. While most episodes have focused on the show’s three ongoing narratives, “Bound” brought a tight focus on the conflict between Jack and Rose, the woman that’s taken over Amy’s body. The results were a mixed bag, with the confrontation providing both emotional moments and frustrating questions.

The episode really dragged on at the outset this week. I mean, sure, Jack was breaking into Amy’s safe, but it was in his own house with plenty of warning should anyone try and enter. While it was rewarding for him to finally take possession of the notebook, we didn’t really learn anything about it that we haven’t heard already. Obviously, a lot of the bigger discussion points were being saved for later in the episode, but I think this just proves that the show was stretching to fill the full hour.

Things certainly picked up when the neighbors arrived and revealed themselves as agents of the Reverti, but then it took a strange turn when Amy – or Rose, really – showed up to talk with Jack. While she’s tried to let him down easy several times this season, this time Rose just let Jack have it, admitting that not only was Amy gone, but so was any chance at his life with her. This admission would’ve been more satisfying if not for two major problems.

The first is simply that Jack, despite all that has happened, is still in major denial over what the Reverti really are. I can understand that he’s not privy to as much of the evidence as the audience, but you would think after encountering numerous conspiracy theorists, seeing a Reverti ritual and almost being assassinated, he would come to the conclusion that there’s more going on with Amy than a simple mental break.

The other problem was that you can’t help but wonder why the Reverti aren’t better at hiding their secret. Rose has been alive for centuries, and yet she’s handled this whole attempt to ditch Jack so poorly. It doesn’t matter that he’s a detective; any husband would notice her strange mood swings. Why not go through the transition and then play along with the marriage for a while? She could’ve made the divorce feel less sudden once she was fully in control, and Jack would’ve never been the wiser. She certainly had the time, after all, what with being immortal and all.

All the issues aside, though, the reveal that Rose had forced the miscarriage in order to continue her domination of Amy was chilling, as was the final image of Jack cradling his unborn child’s bones. Again, Rose guiding him to those bones seems like a bad idea, as it’ll only act as another reason for him to come after the Reverti, but it doesn’t change the emotional gut punch that final scene delivered.

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