Parenthood Season 6 Premiere Review “Vegas”

Parenthood Season 6 Episode 1 Vegas (4)
The Parenthood farewell tour begin last night and the writers spent no time allowing viewers to reconnect with the Bravermans and setting up major storylines for the final season.

Much of the hour was spent on Zeek, who traveled to Vegas with Sarah for a surprise birthday trip. When Zeek had his “event” in the casino, I actually stopped breathing for a few seconds as I thought the writers were dealing the ultimate gut punch and taking out the Braverman family patriarch in the premiere episode.

As sweet and well-intentioned as Sarah is, Adam’s concern about their sick father being in Vegas with either the least or second least dependable Braverman sibling. Granted, I doubt that there was much that anyone in the Braverman family could have done to stop Zeek from leaving the hospital against his doctor’s orders and returning to the boozy, smoke-filled casino. Watching Sarah, Adam, Crosby and Zeek gamble and send out selfies was a fun break from the very serious issue of Zeek’s health. Zeek is not prepared to deal with his health issues and to a larger extent, face his mortality. Similarly, the Braverman siblings are not ready to handle the loss of a parent, so this should be an interesting storyline for all this season.

Did anyone else think it was a little weird for Camille to stay behind?

I guess I was so traumatized by the Joel/Julia split that I completely blocked it from my mind after the season 5 finale. Seeing Julia in bed having sex with another man was an effective reminder of her split from Joel. Julia seems to have bounced back a bit. She’s back at a law firm and dating someone new, who appears to also work at her firm. Like Camille, I will always be team Joel, but it was hard not to see how excited Julia looked about exploring a relationship with the new guy. At least the kids look to be in a better place, although it will be interesting to see how they react to their mom bringing home her new boyfriend to meet them.

Other thoughts and observations . . .

– It looks like Sarah and Hank might be heading towards a few more bumps in the road if his ex-wife has anything to say about it.

– I’m so glad Amber told Sarah about her pregnancy. This will be an interesting journey for the the mother and daughter this season. On another note, I barely recognized Haddie when she arrived at Amber’s apartment.

– Last night’s premiere may not have been the typical tear jerker episode of Parenthood, but I did get a little weepy when Max arrived at the Chambers Academy for his first day of school. That tender moment almost made me forget how farfetched the entire Adam and Kristina are opening up a school was last season. Almost.

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