Grey’s Anatomy Season 11 Premiere Review “I Must Have Lost It On The Wind”

Grey's Anatomy Season 11 Episode 1 I Must Have Lost It On The Wind (11)
The eleventh season of Grey’s Anatomy kicked off last night and the episode picked up the day after Cristina’s departure.

With Cristina no longer in Seattle, we found Meredith designating and Alex accepting his new role as her “person.” This, of course, is a little awkward as both characters are in committed relationships. I suspect that Jo will continue to feel put out and Derek may find himself shut out, if Meredith’s reaction to his decision to give up his dream job and stay in Seattle.

Alex gained a “person” in Meredith and a potential foe in Bailey. The board decided to let Alex and Bailey battle it out for Cristina’s board position and despite the halfhearted handshake at the end of the episode, I suspect that this competition might get a little ugly.

It’s only been a day, so it’s hard to tell how Owen is adjusting. It looks like work will be his distraction for now and I think it is pretty normal that he was still calling for Cristina to do cardio consults. It’s only been a day. I liked the reminder of April and Owen’s friendship, as she lobbied the men of the hospital to ask Owen out on “man dates.” I don’t know which was more awkward/funny – Derek asking about a random game or Richard’s steady hands compliment that evolved into an invitation to play Jenga.

In fact, the only one who really appeared to be struggling to adjust was Maggie – Cristina’s replacement. Maggie figured out that Meredith is her half-sister and made several clumsy attempts to bond with her that did not end well. I was encouraged by the sight of the siblings simultaneously ordering tequila at the end of the episode, but I suspect that this will be a long, bumpy road towards a relationship between the two. I’m sure it won’t be easy for Richard to observe the tension, but hopefully he’ll realize that he can find a pretty good friend and confidant in Amelia.

The episode was mostly catching up and setting up the conflict for the rest of the season. I’m interested in seeing how Meredith handles Derek’s decision to stay and if that decision will lead him to be resentful. I suspect we’ll see a bit of sibling rivalry in the neuro department now that Derek is sticking around. I hope we don’t have to go too many episodes before one of the Maggie-related secrets is revealed to the other characters.

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