The Bridge Season 2 Review “Quetzalcoatl”

The Bridge Season 2 Episode 12 Quetzalcoatl (6)

“Nothing is going to change Sonya.”

It’s annoying to hear the bad side utter those words (as Eleanor did last week), but it’s plain disheartening to hear the good side say it as well. One could argue that Hank is jaded in the same way that Eleanor is crazy. He’s witnessed a lot of senseless crap no doubt, and eventually it becomes easier to just let it happen. The Bridge showcased yet again though how you can’t just sit on your ass and watch. As I mentioned last week with my Battlestar Galactica quote, you have to fight them until you can’t. What becomes the trick is choosing the right battles.

Linder didn’t pick the right one this week, and I’m utterly devastated by it. He’s been living with his obsession for so long that of course he couldn’t let go, even when Eva gave him an out. I should have known he would not see her again after their meeting outside the pink house, but I was also consumed with the thought of him eliminating Robles. The man is trash. In fact, if I had to name the villains outright from Season 2 it would be him and Alex Buckley. There is no sense of tiredness or questioning that I see in Galvan; no damage like the kind that emanates from Eleanor; only arrogance and greed. And what makes Linder’s death (I’m assuming he won’t make it out alive) especially devastating is that Robles was on his way to being arrested by Marco’s Mexican prosecutor ally. So the struggle that Linder, Sonya, Hank, Marco, and all of us face is knowing we live in a world where evil also resides and knowing there are certain cases we can’t fight. The hardship then becomes deciding how we choose. Sonya, Hank, Marco, Adriana, and Frye have been lucky so far. Linder, Charlotte, Abelardo, and DEA Joe were not. The hope is that those who survive outweigh those who perish.

More Thoughts as I Dream of Watching Fausto Galvan on Oprah

– Right now I think Adam Arkin’s federal investigator Elliot is unaware of Alex Buckley and the CIA’s collaboration with the cartels. Man, is he going to be pissed off soon.

– So, was Cesar ever sent to jail after the car accident? He wasn’t involved with the murder of Kyle, but one could probably figure out that he was in Chip’s. And if he was sent to jail, was he released when Eleanor was? Either way, I’m glad to see him back.

– I would have paid big money to see a fight between Eleanor and Monte. And Ms. Nacht is right in that Mr. Flagman always seems to make it out alive. There is always one person that happens to in situations like this, and Monte fits that bill on The Bridge (hopefully Cesar does too). Lyle Lovett has been giving a brilliant and understated performance.

– I thoroughly enjoy the work Matthew Lillard does as Daniel Frye, but that did not take away from the satisfaction of seeing Hank manhandle him for information. Dude is such a baby.

– Favorite exchange: Fausto and Obregon talking about rich people and drugs. I’m surprised Fausto wouldn’t understand the whole ‘rich people do drugs’ cliché. And then Obregon mentioning depression having a genetic component was just icing on the cake. I’m going to miss these two together (don’t think either will make it out alive next episode).

– “Because Sonya, the CIA doesn’t play by the rules.” That’s an understatement Hank.

– Where’s Ray? I need to see him in next week’s finale.

– Godspeed Steven Linder, and I look forward to your next project Thomas M. Wright.