NCIS Season 12 Premiere 2014 Review “Twenty Klicks” – Welcome the New Big Bad

NCIS Season 12 Premiere 2014 Twenty Klicks-2

In the NCIS Season 12 premiere, called “Twenty Klicks,” Gibbs and McGee are sent to Russia to escort home one of their own, but they come back with a lot more – including a brand new Big Bad for the show.

I don’t remember last time we had a season premiere not connected to previous season’s finale. Or maybe I just can’t remember because this premiere was so amazing that it eclipsed all thoughts of any previous premieres from my mind.

Last season ended on a somber note with the passing of Gibbs’ father (and a beautiful tribute to Ralph Waite), which left no cliffhanger to carry over into this season. That meant the writers could literally go anywhere and I was very pleased with where they ended up.

Tossing two of the team members into another country and into a life-threatening situation is certainly one way to get the excitement rolling on a new season. I always love it when Gibbs gets to interact one-on-one with a member of his team and seeing him and McGee work that closely was a treat.

This show is always good at delivering more than one kind of emotion, especially in a premiere or finale, and the more serious moment came when Hannah died. I never thought that would happen as I figured she would undoubtedly be brought safely home by Gibbs. But leave it to this show to not take things where you expect them to go. Hannah’s death was as heartbreaking as it was beautifully shot – the lighting was perfect.

From there, the mystery continued to deepen. We knew from the first scene that an old friend of Ari’s, Sergei, was after NCIS. What we didn’t know was how he was connected to Kevin and his trip to Moscow. Once those details came about, I had a feeling the story was going to continue into the rest of the season. I knew there was no way Sergei was actually dead and I was happy to learn I was correct. Not just because I enjoy being right, but because I’m really looking forward to seeing the team take on this new enemy.

Having a new Big Bad that is connected to one of the series’ first (if not the first) Big Bad makes it that much more thrilling.

My favorite bits:

Whoa! Seeing a picture of Ari was a major blast from the past.

New opening title sequence. Always love seeing the new ones when they appear.

“Once a geek. Always a geek.”

McGee and Tony coming up with a myriad of reasons why they couldn’t go with Gibbs and finally resolving it with Rock, Paper, Scissors. As all battles should be resolved, I think.

Kevin flipping out when he saw Gibbs had been sent.

“You brought a Navy helicopter?”
“You expected a hot air balloon?”

Wait. Was there really a movie on the chopper?

Gibbs offering a puking Kevin some jerky. That is so Gibbs. Anyone else surprised Gibbs didn’t fall asleep? I thought that’s what he did on bumpy flights.

Gibbs waking up to find himself face to face with a wolf. Whoa.

McGee saving Gibbs. Double Whoa.

Tony having no trouble pointing out to Pavlenko that they were his bosses.

“He really just say ‘sit tight’?”
“Nobody’s sitting tight, let’s move.”

Gibbs getting all over Kevin to find out who shot them down. Yeah, I started suspecting him, too.

Jimmy telling Abby to stop torturing herself by listening to the recording over and over.

“My kingdom for a smaller wheelhouse.”

“That’s good, Abbs, but are you okay?”
“Me? Oh. No. Not at all.”

Tony pointing out that if any of them lost it, including Gibbs and McGee. Man, do I love me some Serious Tony.

Bishop telling Abby that she refused to thing the worst. Aw.

Finding out that Abby’s friend was able to identify the missile by listening to the sound over the phone. That’s what I call talent.

Triple Abby hug!

Gibbs fighting so hard to keep Hannah talking.

“Where is you dad?”
“Right there.” – So many tears.

“I think we can rule out cancer.”

McGee with his compass and quoting the Boy Scout motto.

Gibbs and McGee knowing immediately that Abby would find a way to open that disk.

“What would McGee do?”
“That’s two W’s, Abbs.”

Tony telling Gibbs they would need a time machine not to open the disk.

The super-calm way Gibbs warned McGee to get ready to run as he lined up his shot.

Tony running to get on the jet and poor Bishop having to stay behind.

Gibbs quoting the Boy Scout motto while pulling out a lighter.

Gibbs and McGee not giving Kevin any time to realize what was happening before cauterizing his wound. Very smart.

Vance and Jimmy delivering a truckload of Caf-Pow! to Abby and her little team of IT’s.

“I need Gibbs and McGee to come back alive.”

“What is this guy, The Terminator?”

The quiet, but earnest discussion between McGee and Gibbs as they decided who would stay behind to stop Sergei.

Vance and Ducky immediately knowing who had split off from the other two.

Gibbs’ only response to Sergei telling him he was making things too difficult being shooting another one of his men in the head.

Tony showing up to the rescue and dragging Gibbs into that truck.

Kind of wondering if Sergei was actually dead.

Aha! I knew it! Sergei is alive. Bring on the newest Big Bad.

What did you think of this episode of NCIS? Got any favorite bits or least favorite bits of your own? Sound off in the comments below, I love hearing from you guys!

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