Faking It Season 2 Review “The Morning Aftermath”

Faking It season 2 episode 1 The Morning Aftermath (2)

Faking It was a show that set itself up o be confrontational from the start. It addressed things we don’t ordinarily addressed and shone a light on things we’re used to seeing glossed over or completely ignored.

What I don’t think was anticipated, however, was he divisive reaction to the final episode, and this second season premiere had the unenviable job of cleaning up some of the mess that cliffhanger left behind in the fandom.

Liam and Amy’s hook-up was a great, big, messy twist in a story that had previously been complicated enough. Amy loved Karma, who loved Liam, who loved Karma for pretending to be in love with Amy. It was a tangled web of lies and raw attraction, and the show’s unwillingness to cut through that complexity with convenient plot points or shifted character motivations is something to be admired.

Now, however, we have a brand new lie driving the narrative forward, and that’s the fact that Amy and Liam had ill-advised sex after the wedding.

For Amy’s mother, this is brilliant news that means her daughter has come back from the brink of lesbianism (“if you could be with a boy why wouldn’t you? It’s be so much easier”), but for everyone else, especially Karma, it would be a betrayal so deep it could tear apart even the unbreakable bond between our central girls.

And, in typical fashion, it doesn’t look like Faking It is going to pull any punches with the storyline. In this episode alone we had a girl buying the morning after pill and a pair of relative strangers talking about STD testing after having unprotected sex. It was handled responsibly in the way only this show can pull off – everything felt natural, despite the otherwise soap opera-y storyline it was a part of.

Meanwhile, while that storyline is cooking away, ready to explode at a later date, we had another bombshell drop in this premiere. The mysterious pills Lauren has been popping since the start of the show turn out to be hormones that she has to take due to being born intersex.

This is something that I’ve never seen explored on television, let alone on a silly 20-minute MTV teen dramedy. You can only applaud Faking It for daring to go to such a place, and just learning about this struggle makes Lauren into a much more interesting and humanized character. I also adored the bond between her and Shane in this episode, and hope they will interact more in the future.

Faking It works because of the characters, and not so much about the relationships between them. Yes, Amy and Karma are the selling point here, and many of the audience who first latched onto their unconventional love story are the ones who felt a little hurt after the first season finale, but this premiere does a stellar job of setting up new conflicts and drama.

What did you think of the episode? Do you think Lauren’s secret can stay secret? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.