Matador (El Rey) Episode 11 “Riot ‘Til I Die”

Matador episode 11 “Riot ‘Til I Die” airs Tuesday, September 23rd at 9pm ET/PT on El Rey Network.

Episode Synopsis: Matador Episode 11 “Riot ‘Til I Die” – Galan delivers a personal package to Sayer and Tony must make a dangerous decision.

Show Summary: “Matador,” El Rey Network’s irreverent, adrenaline-filled 13-episode series, chronicles the unlikely rise of Tony “Matador” Bravo (Gabriel Luna), a professional soccer player for the LA Riot who comes to be known as much for his antics off the field as his moves on it. But what his fans and family don’t realize is that it’s all a cover—in truth, he is a skilled covert operative executing missions for the CIA. Agent Bravo, nicknamed “Matador” after he takes out a top player known as “The Bull” during tryouts for the team, finds himself suddenly thrust into a clandestine world. But, in balancing his dueling roles, he may be forced to confront the question of his true identity… and it is this mission that may prove to be his most dangerous.