Forever Season 1 Review “Look Before You Leap”

Forever (ABC) Episode 2 Look Before You Leap (5)

As with most second episodes, “Look Before You Leap” gave us a much better idea of how Forever will look on a week-to-week basis. Fortunately, what we saw was another fun installment, one that managed to feature a decent case of the week while also offering further hints about the other immortal stalking Morgan.

The murder mystery, built around the deaths that seemed to be suicides, were all well and good, but nothing that reached the fun of the pilot’s case. Really, this episode was about getting to know the rest of the cast. For the most part, they all fit into expected roles, with Lorraine Toussaint as the stern chief and Martinez’s partner Hanson serving as a more skeptical, by-the-book foil to Morgan’s quirkier qualities. More interesting is Morgan’s forensic assistant Lucas, who’s own social awkwardness and desire to connect with his boss is certainly more original than the rest.

Now, we’re only two episodes in, but I have to imagine Morgan getting killed off in creative and gruesome ways is going to occur on a weekly basis. Assuming the show sticks to an average of one death a week, I think it’s fine. There’s room to mine humor from his unfortunate deaths – as well as drama when Martinez inevitably discovers his secret – but there needs to be a limit; even South Park realized they couldn’t keep killing Kenny every week. I also appreciated the show’s willingness to call out Morgan’s similarities to Sherlock Holmes, but that doesn’t make the copying any less blatant.

Not surprisingly, the mystery of Morgan’s “fan” Adam took more of a backseat this week, but I was appreciative to see that it was present at all. Though most procedurals go weeks at a time without even a mention of the larger mythology, it’s certainly possible to strike a good balance in each episode, as evidenced by shows like The Pretender (which I highly recommend if you’ve never seen it before). Along this vein, it was also nice to see more of Morgan’s relationship with Abigail, with the flashbacks picking up right after their conclusion in the pilot. It might be nice to have the flashbacks serve as a parallel narrative, similar to Arrow.

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