Under the Dome Season 2 Review “Go Now”

Under the Dome Season 2 Finale 2014 Go Now-1

On the season finale of “Under the Dome,” it was finally time to get out from…well, under the dome. By going under the dome. Or something. Hey, who knows, at this point? Honestly, it looked like they were going into that room inhabited by the Architect in that one ridiculous “Matrix” scene, only this one was occupied by Melanie, who may or may not be dead (again).

In other words, an opening to somewhere opened up in the latest cave they found underneath the crater hole Melanie fell through. It was all white and Melanie looked different, and if I’m not mistaken, she was wet and wearing a different outfit from the last time we saw her, which might mean she was back to being dead in the lake again, but once again, who knows with this show?

And that, my friends and fellow readers, was where we left the show, once again with very little resolved, save that all the survivors save Julia, Junior and an injured Jim were with Barbie about to step into somewhere else. Maybe Zenith, as before with Barbie, Lyle and Sam. Maybe somewhere else this time around. According to Melanie, it was “time to go home,” but last I checked, Chester’s Mill was home for everyone but Barbie, Norrie (and her family) and Melanie.

Not that I blame them for wanting to leave their home, under the circumstances, what with the dome closing in on them and everything going haywire and all, but not sure what she meant by home in this instance. It seemed kind of ominous to me, personally. Less “Let’s get out of here and to safety!” and more “That’s all she wrote, folks!” Meanwhile, Julia and Junior are stuck on the other side of the cliff, with an enraged, albeit shot, Big Jim, topside and none too amused with either one of them. That can’t end well, right?

Well, given that the show hasn’t been renewed as of yet, period, that may well be where it ends, period, but hopefully, that won’t be the case. Not that the show is the greatest thing since sliced bread, mind you- far from it, in fact- but I was hoping we’d get some sort of resolution, and certainly more than what we got here. I mean, the stage is certainly set for what I think most of us hoped would happen- that everyone left standing would get out of there, finally- but the question is, if that doesn’t happen, where in the world will they go from there? After all, the show is called “Under the Dome,” so if they’re no longer under the dome, what’s the point?

Don’t get me wrong, it could still be interesting. They could maybe explore what was the cause of the dome in the first place, and why it happened in Chester’s Mill, and so forth. Lots of unanswered questions, to be sure, and plenty of wiggle room to answer them, should the show get renewed for a third season. That said, they’re already pushing their luck at this point, so maybe a half-season is the way to go if it does get renewed. That way, we don’t get all the filler we got this season, and the writers can focus on answering the big money questions and resolving the main storylines, instead of looking for ways to extend the show even further. Three’s already pushing it, so the sooner they wrap this puppy up, the better, and I say this as a fan, obviously.

Yes, it could be laughable at times, and some of the dialogue in this sucker really makes you feel for the actors having to deliver it with a straight face, but for a summer show, it was fun enough to keep me watching in spite of the inherent silliness. I mean, you don’t watch a show about people getting trapped under a massive dome thinking it’s going to be Shakespeare, right? For what it is, “Under the Dome” is nothing if not entertaining, dumb fun.

Which brings us back to the finale at hand. Pauline was euthanized by Rebecca, who in turn was killed with a hammer (!) by Big Jim, who then proceeded to kill Andrea for no good reason whatsoever before going after Julia, who barely escaped before Junior interceded and shot his own father, albeit in the shoulder. Hell, they even randomly killed some guy by impaling, then electrocuting him, in front of his kid, no less! Is it wrong that I laughed a little when Barbie slung the kid over his shoulder and left the scene before the poor kid barely had a chance to register what had happened? Not to mention that cheesy electrocution effect. That said, let it never be said the finale lacked for action, that’s for sure. Or a high body count.

All in all, a reasonably decent finale, despite that non-ending ending. I can only guess they did it that way in hopes of getting renewed, but I certainly hope they did it with the assurance that they would at least get to do a TV movie to resolve everything in case it doesn’t get a full renewal, because if that’s where we end up leaving the show, that would really suck. We shall see soon enough, I guess.

What did you think of the finale? Sad to see Pauline go? Or Rebecca? Or Andrea? Or that other guy? Will Big Jim make it into the crater, despite the obstacles in his path? Will he kill Junior and/or Julia if he does? Or will they somehow make it across the gaping hole? (Maybe all those butterflies will pick them up and fly them across!) Where does that secret passage in the cave lead? Is Melanie alive or dead? Is she the Architect? These questions may never fully be answered, but I guess we’ll see, if there is another season. If not, it was a fun, goofy ride while it lasted!