Supernatural Chat: 7 Things I Miss from Season 7

I Think I'm Gonna Like it Here

Hey there, Supernatural fans! I can’t believe we’re just a mere two weeks away from the Season 10 premiere. I remember when I started on this countdown of all my favorite things from Seasons 1 through 8 and it felt like October would never get here. Now it’s almost here and the anticipation for the new season has got me in quite the tizzy. I cannot wait to see what happens now and I don’t think I’ve been this excited for a season premiere in years.

But before premiere, there are still two more seasons to go in my countdown. Next up, here are 7 thinks I miss from Season 7.

Evil Sam and Dean

When two Leviathans pretended to be Sam and Dean in “Slash Fiction” it was one of the best moments of the series for me. Not just because we got to see them as evil, but because of the simple – yet completely meaningful – conversation they had in the coffee shop before they went on a killing spree. As the two creatures tried to figure out who the Winchesters were and why they acted the way they did, us fans got yet another look into the souls of these two men.


A Very Buffy Reunion

Honestly, I can’t say that “Shut Up, Dr. Phil” was one of my favorite episodes. The storyline was sort of blah, but it almost doesn’t matte when you have guest stars like James Marsters and Charisma Carpenter, also known as Spike and Cordelia from Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Angel. Yes, I really am that shallow.


I’ll admit that sometimes I want to scream at my TV when Becky is on it. She’s a representative of the kind of fan that gives us “normal” (okay, so maybe “slightly less insane”) fans a bad name. She’s also really, really annoying. But one thing she did do was let us fans laugh at ourselves and laugh we did at the episode “Season Seven, Time for a Wedding!” It was the last time we saw Becky and yes, sometimes I do miss that wack-job.

Emmanuel, aka Amnesia-Cas

Yes, I pretty much hated the Cas-wants-to-God-and-brings-on-the-Leviathans storyline. But I would almost (almost) be willing to go through all that again to have another episode like “The Born-Again Identity.” When Dean found “Emmanuel” and discovered the healer he’d been told about was really an amnesiac Castiel, I thought I would die of joy. That happiness rose tenfold when Cas finally remembered who he was in a scene that still gives me chills when I re-watch it.

Supernatural Repo Man Season 7 Episode 15 (4)

Lucifer in Sam’s Noggin

Poor Sam suffered a lot in season 7, thanks to Lucifer (or his version of Lucifer) taking up residence in his mind. As much as he tortured Sam though, I have to admit that I enjoyed that annoyingly hilarious version of Luci. From singing songs to reading books about his own broken psyche, Lucifer (played brilliantly, as always, by Mark Pellegrino) was as entertaining as he was annoying and I loved it.

The Drunk Ghost

Who can forget the ghost that could only been seen (and therefore hunted) when you were six sheets to the wind? Talk about a fun way to get your job done. Watching Sam and Dean, plus their trusty sometimes sidekick Garth, get completely snockered in order to go on a hunt was fantastic. After seven seasons, it seemed the boys had hunted spirits in every way possible, so it was nice to see the writers come up with yet another new method.


I know I said all along in this series that I would be talking about characters only after their final episodes, but I think I have to talk about Bobby in Season 7. Yes, I know we have technically seen him again since his death, but this was the season where I truly felt like we said goodbye. And though I know we’re bound to see him again, we won’t see Bobby all the time like we used to. We won’t see the boys driving to his old house/junk yard to look through his books and get advice on their latest challenge. We won’t see him following the boys in his own car as they all go to defeat some monster together. All of that ended when the boys’ second father died – not just once, but twice. First from the bullet of a Leviathan and then again when Sam and Dean had to exorcise his ghost before he let the vengeance take over and became the kind of creature they all committed their lives to stopping. It was a sad yet honorable end as Bobby found a way to help the boys, even after he was no longer connected to a body.

What about you, Supernatural fans? What do you miss from Season 7? Sound off in the comments below, I love hearing from you guys!