Outlander Season 1 Review “The Wedding”


Here are some of my notes verbatim as I watched Outlander “The Wedding”

“Women wrote (Anne Kenney) and directed (Anna Foerster) this episode = yes. Yes Jamie, Bob Hope is a funny man! “The protection of my body”- that’s hawt Jamie. Rupert’s sex gesture- lolz, so awkward. SO MANY CLOTHES TO REMOVE. “Jamie, you’re crushing me”- always good to hear during sex. Hahaha poor sweet summer child Jamie. It’s a Bible verse rumble ya’ll! Ned in the whorehouse lolz. Gurl is getting into it (the sex) now. Hey, Game of Thrones, this is the kind of sex I want to see. Loving and consensual! Dougal being cray and lechery again- except he got turned down this time oh snap! Great shot of Claire picking up Frank’s ring and looking at both hands.”

I needed that episode after the intensity of last week. Poor Claire needed some loving after being PUNCHED IN THE GUT by Black Jack (yeah still not over that). And “The Wedding” did a wonderful job of building up what looked to be actual reciprocated feelings from Mrs. Beauchamp to Mr. James Fraser. By the end of the hour, I could see the pickle Claire was in. I don’t think she was in love with Jamie at the beginning of her wedding day but got there over the wedding night. It makes sense too. She’s been with Jamie for months now and developed a singular bond with him over their experiences. Granted, she is lonely from her separation from Frank, but the hesitation to consummate the marriage with Jamie was there at the start. And it was so awkward. I’m glad their first attempt wasn’t perfect off the bat. It made the second time all the better. And then the third. Yes, this episode is just what we needed after Episode 6 and before next week’s midseason finale.

Bible Verse Rumble Ya’ll (I mean more thoughts below)

– That opening scene with Frank and Claire killed me. Tobias Menzies showed in one smile to Claire about getting married why she would fall in love with him. And poor Frank looks like he’s fallen off the wagon in next week’s outing- with it seeming that Claire ran off with the ghost he saw. Of course he doesn’t know that it’s a ghost. Except it was. And it was totally Jamie. Which is super confusing.

– The story structure of the wedding was not what I expected, but it allowed for that wonderful transition of Claire kissing Frank to Claire kissing Jamie. And then there was still buildup to the actual wedding ceremony. It somehow was just as poignant too happening after Claire and Jamie had sex for the first time.

– Murtagh was so sweet comparing Claire’s smile to that of Jamie’s mother.

– Dougal this episode- not cool Dougal. Not cool.

– Thank you everyone involved for not making any of the nudity and sex gratuitous. Who would have thought that sex can be consensual, loving, and not used as a way to make exposition seem less boring?!

– I want Claire to remember her reading of the tea leaves and have that light bulb realization.