Intruders Season 1 Review “The Shepherds and the Fox”

Intruders (BBC America) episode 4 Ave Verum Corpus (2)

I think it’s fair to say at this point that Intruders is a fairly muddled show. While this episode had a fair bit in terms of story development, the reveals in “The Shepherds and the Fox” overall served to make the show just a bit more ridiculous.

Normally, I’d feel a bit embarrassed to only be realizing this episode that the Intruder in Madison is the same man Richard helped escape death. However, the show is unclear at times about what’s a flashback and what’s in the present, I didn’t even realize his scene with Marcus a few weeks back took place in the past. It certainly doesn’t help that the name Marcus has only been mentioned once or twice, making it difficult to keep the name in mind in relation to different characters.

Still, my bad for missing it until now, but it certainly helps contextualize what Richard has been up to in his search for Madison this season; it’s not another mission for his bosses, it’s an attempt to clean up his mess. That said, I was a bit surprised to see him murder his fellow agent, if only because he really didn’t seem that suspicious of him. I suppose it’s possible he’s trying to set the guy up to take the fall for letting Marcus be reborn, but it seems like a bit of an overcorrection when all he really needs to do is take out Madison.

Speaking of Madison, it’s getting really frustrating to not know just how in control Marcus or Madison is at any given moment. It’s clear that even when he is in charge Marcus doesn’t remember everything about his past life, but his memories also seem to be bleeding over into Madison when she takes over. It’s just a bit muddled. Also, fail of the week goes to Richard in completely flubbing up what should’ve been a simple assassination. That may sound cold given it’s a kid, but Richard’s the type that pretty much never blinks an eye when it comes to killing.

Jack, meanwhile, continued to be fairly stubborn about the supernatural occurrences going on, even after a trained assassin’s tried to kill him. Admittedly, the reveal that people just natural have a dead person’s soul inside them made the show a whole lot sillier, but he’s seen a lot of messed up stuff at this point. With only three episodes left, you really just want to see him get on board with Gary and be an active character again.