The Good Wife Season 6 Review – “The Line”

The Good Wife Season 6 Episode 1 The Line-7

The Good Wife kicked off their sixth season tonight as they always do, picking up right where we left off in last season’s finale. In case you had forgotten from way back in May, we were reminded that Eli was asking Alicia that fateful question: Would she consider running for State’s Attorney? But that’s not the only question we were left to consider. Was Diane really going to join Florrick Agos? What’s going to happen between Kalinda and Cary? Are we still going to have any fallout from Will’s death? Tonight’s premiere answered these questions for us, and even threw a few curveballs our way.

You would have assumed that the premiere episode would be all about Diane jumping ship to Florrick Agos, and how she would pull this off with David Lee and Robert Canning watching her every move, but instead we got a complete curveball with Cary being violently arrested for a drug charge. I thought he was just being mugged at first, but it ended up being a couple brutal cops. That was just the beginning of the somewhat over-the-top brutality, though.

Cary’s treatment in prison was probably my biggest complaint of the episode. Look, I know that prison probably isn’t a walk in the park. I’ve thankfully never been myself, but I do know that there are certain human and civil rights that need to be followed in state prisons. It made no sense for Cary to be denied a phone call, and it made no sense for the guards to be as abusive as they were. I might expect that kind of treatment for repeat offenders or hardened criminals, but not for a young, white attorney. There’s a good chance that this guy will get out, and he might have been memorizing all of the officers names and badge numbers. There might be some serious retribution coming their way if he doesn’t stay in jail.

I did love the scene where Cary got cut by one of Bishop’s goons, causing Bishop to pony up the dough to pay Cary’s bail. I would have preferred that to be one of the only scenes showing Cary’s struggles in prison, but at that point it felt like they were just piling on.

Despite the cartoonishly bad conditions behind bars, Cary’s arrest made for a totally unexpected and exciting premiere for one of the best shows on TV. It’s a shame that Julianna Marguiles, fresh off her unexpected Emmy win, wasn’t able to do much this week, but I’m sure that will change in the weeks to come.

Having a main character stuck in prison, and apparently staying there for at least one other episode, really changes the feel of the show quite a bit. Normally I would care more about Lee and Canning’s scheming and paranoia, or Eli and Peter’s polling and nominations, but right now I just want to see Cary get out of that awful place!

What did you think of the episode?

Random Thoughts:

– How does this show always stay up to date with the current times even though every season begins right where the last left off? Wouldn’t they be missing months at a time?

– I loved Cary mentioning one of my favorite Cary moments of all time: taking mushrooms in season one episode “Hi.”

– Did Alan Cumming dye his hair black? Or is it just my TV? I liked his salt and pepper look from the last few seasons.