Doctor Who Series 8 Review “Time Heist”

Doctor Who Season 8 Episode 5 Time Heist (5)

Now that’s what I’m talking about! After last week’s episode failed to deliver a fun standalone episode, Doctor Who brought the heat with “Time Heist” an episode filled to capacity with zany ideas, fun character beats and a dose of “timey wimey” details that fans love. The fact that this episode’s biggest problem was that it probably should’ve been a two-parter speaks to how fun this installment was.

Now, the biggest reason this should’ve been a two-part episode is simply that it would’ve been nice to let the story’s creative concepts breath a bit more. While the Teller alien was given a good bit of screen time, cool ideas like the mind worms, dimensional shift bomb and the bank’s security systems were all brought up briefly only to be rushed past when their moment was over.

In fact, it was a bit of a bummer that the bank itself ultimately wasn’t that imposing. Though the early set-up described the place as nigh-impossible to infiltrate, with DNA scanners and flamethrowers, the bank’s security ultimately seemed to boil down to just the Teller that wandered around.

Still, it was fun watching the Doctor lead a bank heist, and the episode was helped out by a pair of genuinely enjoyable companions in Psi and Saibra. Again, it would’ve been nice to get a bit more time to learn about them, but their unique powers and desires to be free of them was compelling material. Honestly, like a lot of this season’s guest characters, it would be nice to see either of them again down the line, and there’s certainly a better chance of them returning than Robin Hood.

The final reveal that the Doctor himself was the Architect wasn’t exactly a huge surprise, but it certainly fit with the Doctor’s usual time-travelling hijinks. And, more importantly, this episode finally gave us a glimpse of the Twelfth Doctor succeeding in a truly noble goal, freeing the Teller and its mate from captivity. While it’s nice to have a more serious grump of a Doctor, it’s still important to know that he’s out in space trying to do good deeds.

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