Random Thoughts on the Oddities of Casual TV Viewing

test pattern

So, here we are, mid September, and drifting along nonchalantly, waiting for the new fall season to hit us full force. In the meantime, we have a few summer stragglers wrapping up in the next couple of weeks such as Under the Dome on CBS and The Strain on FX, plus a handful of TV shows that are premiering their new seasons earlier than the others including Z Nation and Haven on Syfy. Otherwise, it might just as well be a test pattern on the TV. Oh, wait, how many of you even know what a test pattern looks like? How about the original test pattern?

There have been articles written on this site in past years about this calm before the storm time period – what I like to call the doldrums between TV seasons. For me, while this time is relaxing as I wait for the new season, it is also a time with much more frequent channel flipping. You see, I exercise in front of the TV, so when there is no new content, I must search for something interesting to watch. In the course of doing this, a strange pattern has emerged. Cue the Outer Limits music…

Can’t Catch a Break

The Mommy Observation

Has this ever happened to you? You tune into a random show, and yikes – despite the fact you may not typically watch that show, it is an episode you have already seen! What are the odds that you would see the exact same episode over again, considering that I am talking about shows that ran or are running multiple seasons such as The Big Bang Theory or Law and Order? Now, I do watch The Big Bang Theory, but missed the first few seasons, so would love to see those episodes. But, instead I see the ones I have already seen over and over again.

Or, how about this one – you tune in and find a movie being broadcast. As it turns out, you have only ever seen the ending of this movie, and lo and behold, you again tuned in to the end of this same movie! I think maybe I am destined to never see the beginning of some movies…

Sometimes, the two occurrences coincide, so that for instance I tune it to the end of that same episode I have seen multiple times, but wait, the twist is that I have only ever seen the second half of the episode, never from the beginning. I guess I will never know the protagonist’s motivations!

Early Appearances by Favorites

Joanne Kelly and Eddie McClintock - Warehouse 13

Another random thought on the side effects of my currently casual viewing. I must admit to getting a kick out of seeing a star who I now know well appearing in an older episode of a different show. For instance, I adore Eddie McClintock, one of the stars of Warehouse 13, but who knew that he had been in an episode of House M.D. before that? It is so much fun when you are watching an older show and suddenly, hello look who’s here! Of course, sometimes I need to look them up, since depending on the character they may have changed the hair color, or otherwise altered the actor’s appearance, making it harder to identify them. Or, in the rarer case of it being a much older show, the actor may be 10 or more years younger and thus very different in appearance.


Do you have any random thoughts on TV viewing during this mostly quiet time between seasons? I would love to hear what you have noticed or experienced! Please tell me about your experiences or thoughts in the comments section below!