Haven Season 5 Review “Speak No Evil”

Haven Season 5 Episode 2 Speak No Evil (2)

In this week’s Haven, Mara continued her deadly rampage, Duke had to face some hard facts, and a rift developed between Dwight and the rest of the group. Despite the glumness of this post-lighthouse era, there were a couple of rays of hope, the largest being the reappearance of Audrey.

The connection is finally made to the stuffed monkey Trouble and Duke’s reluctance to hear bad news. When Duke learns that Jennifer is dead, his grief causes the Trouble to attack Nathan. Having Nathan as the messenger was the most likely way to deactivate the Trouble and Nathan understood this. He knew that based on their history, Duke wouldn’t let Nathan be harmed if it was in his power to stop it. The way their relationship has developed over the years has been really great. They started out as enemies, became something more hostile, and have now settled in to almost brotherly roles for one another. Considering neither of them have any family, it is good that they can rely on one another.

It was known that Emma Lahana, who played Jennifer last season, wasn’t coming back. But to see the body in the morgue was still a tough blow. She was such a fantastic character and fit seamlessly into the group. It was a smart decision to show a body so that there wasn’t a lingering feeling that she might be out there somewhere and maybe some day she would return. It gave the audience closure and, more importantly, Duke closure. The little montage of Jennifer moments was truly a downer.

Though Nathan is not indifferent to the Troubles, he has his own problem to deal with – Mara. After shooting Nathan, Mara sets out to find another way through the thinnies. She recruits Vicky to use her drawing power to open the portal between Haven and the other realm. This was an outstanding Mara scene. Emily Rose has done a fantastic job stepping into this darker incarnation of Audrey. Mara is a much richer character than Lexie and is allowing Rose to take her performance to another level. People have gone crazy for Tatiana Maslany’s portrayal of multiple characters in Orphan Black and Rose deserves similar praise for what she’s doing. When she tells Vicky that she will be spared her wrath, it was a moment like you see in fairy tales – she was a wicked witch who is delightfully bad.

Naturally, things don’t work out for Mara and she goes back to the drawing board. One good thing about the Mara story is that the writers consistently remind you that she’s not Audrey. She is dangerous and does horrible things. Mara doesn’t run around town threatening people and wielding a taser. She actually will kill someone – over something as minor as clothing. When she puts the pencil in the woman’s eye, there is no question that this is someone who means business and will put down anyone who stands in her way. Except Nathan.

After surviving the bullet wound, which – let’s be honest – was patched up a little too quickly, Nathan continues his hunt for Mara. He says that he is willing to hand Mara over to Dwight and plans to lure her in with one of the little black ether balls. Even though he’s upset, we know that there is no way Nathan will give Mara to the guard. Even if he did, Mara could definitely take care of herself. Nathan does manage to capture her and calls Dwight to come pick her up. Then there comes the twist that makes every Nathan/Audrey fan gleeful with hope. After Nathan kisses the unconscious Mara in a not-creepy-but-Snow-Whitish-way, her eyes open and it appears to be Audrey. She tells Nathan that she is still alive, but that the weight of Mara keeps pressing her down. Mara reemerges, but now Nathan has a legitimate basis for not turning her over to the Guard.

There is a theory that Mara is pretending to be Audrey to trick Nathan. This would be a cheap trick and not worthy of the writers of Haven, so it’s doubtful this is going to be the case. Without question, Mara is manipulative. But, to have her morph into Audrey as simply a maneuver would be uncharacteristic. Even when she’s pretending to be Audrey around town, she’s not very convincing in her performance. There is no way she could give a performance that would fool Nathan.

Vince and Dave have a minor story running through the episode that will likely be the spark of something far larger. They suspect that there was something else with them in the cave under the lighthouse – something that may have come through from the other realm. Dave has a bunch of horrible bruises that show he was someone’s whipping boy in the hour of lost time. Whatever came through, it’s something way worse than even Mara. Dave’s flashbacks show Mara looking terrified in the cave, which should mean she’s not the ultimate Big Bad of the season.

Last but not least, Dwight is turning out to be a disappointment. His devotion to Haven is causing him to look at things myopically. He probably has always been like this, the problem is that he’s now in a greater position of power. He’s already Chief of Police, but isn’t satisfied. He essentially forces Vince to turn over control of the Guard to him. Dwight seems like the little boy with his finger in the dyke; he’s so concerned with mopping up the Troubles that he’s not clueing in on the bigger picture. Even worse, it will be a huge disappointment if Dwight turns against the group.

So far, this season is right on track with being one of Haven’s best!

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