Franklin & Bash Season 4 Review “Dance the Night Away” – (Nearly) Everything is Back to Normal

Franklin & Bash Season 3 Episode 10 Gone in a Flash (4)

In this episode of Franklin & Bash, called “Dance the Night Away,” the boys help a stripper with one case, while one of the boys gets himself deep in more ways than one.

Well, things are nearly back to normal now. The boys got Stanton out of jail and he’s now back to doing odd things in the office while (I assume) handling cases. I knew that we were probably never going to see Pindar or Carmen back again (sigh), but getting Stanton back was a start. Once the boys started saying stuff like how Stanton needed Karp around and looking longingly at him as he walked away to his new firm, I knew things were about to change again.

Sure enough, by the end of the episode the boys had admitted that they needed Karp around. He was the a-hole that kept them on their toes and their jobs were almost too easy without him. Stanton and Karp were able to having some good bonding moments, too and I am positively giddy knowing that Karp will be around to bug the boys more often. I definitely missed that, too.

As for the cases this week, the stripper one actually led to a place where the boys had puppet versions of them in the courtroom. Plus, let’s not forget the full-on exotic dancer show, complete with safety gear. It seems the game now is to top themselves every week so all I have to say at this point is I can’t wait to see what kind of cases are coming up.

What gave me the most joy in this episode was the appearance of Kevin McKidd as Jared’s nemesis, Albert Daugherty, the Duke of Weddington. Jared becoming a duke was already a ton of fun, but adding McKidd to the mix was fantastic, especially when Albert met Karp. For those of you unaware, McKidd and Reed Diamond played brothers on a little show that I used to adore called Journeyman. Sadly it only lasted 13 episodes, but I’ll never forget it. Seeing the two of them reunited on my TV screen was a blast.

Finally, I guess I have to mention what happened in the last minute of the episode. Jared and Peter’s mom Colleen have always been flirty and I’ve always giggled at it because I thought it was hilarious to watch Peter squirm. But I have to admit that when it came down to Jared and Colleen actually kissing, I didn’t enjoy it as much. I can’t really put my finger on why, but suddenly it kind of felt like I was watching my own best friend kiss my own mom and it was just… icky.

My favorite bits:

Kind of being surprised that the boys let their dates go. I really thought that was going to go another way.

On the other hand, I wasn’t even remotely surprised to find out that the boys knew which strip clubs had the good salad bars.

Peter stopping Jared before he could make the suggestion that was on his lips when Colleen said she didn’t have her bathing suit. He’s so predictable and that’s why I love him.

“Will you stop asking my mother to hot tub?”

Jared’s “Ew” when he saw Anita and Karp flirting. Ha!

The smile on Jared’s face when Anita asked him if he wanted to be a duke.

“I’m a duke, you dick!”

The boys getting the wrong idea (as did I, if we’re being honest) when they found Stanton with his pedicurist.

“I’d like to throw your royal coming-out party.”
“Ah, you’re finally coming out.”

Really, really, REALLY wanting to know what Peter’s screensaver was.

Listening to Kevin McKidd use his actual accent is heaven on earth. This episode of has just become my new favorite. Yum.

“You’re a long way from home.”
“No, not really. I live in Glendale. I took the 134.” – Laughed. Out. Loud.

Jared getting caught doing his bad Scottish brogue.

“Sheep shaggers.”

Shirtless Peter on the stripper pole. Yep, this is definitely my favorite episode. More yum.

Peter getting caught staring at Cindy’s boobs, then catching her doing pretty much the same thing. Ha!

The boys have been banned from every strip club in LA? Ouch, that’s a low blow.

“Scrawny and inbred, it’s like you know him.”

Jared defending Peter when Albert talked down to him. Aw.

The Glasgow Gauntlet. That does not sound good at all.

“Who are you looking at?”
“Nothing. Just… you look really familiar.” – I DIED. Especially when Karp called Albert “brother.”

Franklin and Bash puppets. WANT. That is all.

“Oh my god, what is Laurie doing with those puppets?”
“What hasn’t she done with those puppets?”

Stanton telling Karp he hoped the firm would be his one day. The two of them sitting quietly afterwards was beyond sweet.

Karp calling the idea of Jared and Peter stripping an “affront to humanity.” I politely disagree. That would have been awesome on so many levels.

The boys finding out that they were going to have to pay Karp $50 every time they are rude. They are going to be so poor, so fast.

“You can get your 50 bucks when you pry it out of my… ”

The boys in kilts. Loved it.

Jared getting Peter to present him.

Albert dropping before Peter… but only barely.

Jared and Peter’s mom?? My eyes! My eyes! Peter’s puppet and I had the same looks on our faces.

What did you think of this episode of Franklin & Bash? Got any favorite bits or least favorite bits of your own? Sound off in the comments below, I love hearing from you guys!

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