The Bridge Season 2 Review “Beholder”

The Bridge Season 2 Episode 11 Beholder (4)

“There will always be blood. You can’t change that.”

In essence, that line from Eleanor to Sonya is what The Bridge boils down to. It’s what Marco mentioned to Sonya previously about how even if Galvan is removed, someone new will take his place. Eva may have received asylum courtesy of Steven Linder, but girls will always disappear in Ciudad Juarez. Frye and Adriana’s work will never be done. More men like DEA Joe will die and women like Charlotte Millwright will be collateral damage. And yet, people like Sonya, Marco, Linder, Frye, Adriana, and Hank will always be there, and in the words of Kara Thrace from Battlestar Galactica “fight them until we can’t.”

The show has done an exceptional job this season in showing the ups and downs of both sides along with their different shades of gray. Is it really worth it all for Galvan, Eleanor, Cerisola, Robles, etc? No. Do they all deserve what is happening to them? Yes. But I still feel pangs of sympathy (well not for Robles) regarding their situations. Galvan isn’t the badass drug lord from Season 1 or even earlier this season. Now he just wants to interact with people at a quinceañera. When he asked Obregon why he wasn’t invited, I took it as a joke. Only when he showed up at the actual party did I realize he was serious. Watching him dance with birthday girl, all I saw was a sad man. Someone tired of running, wanting to lay down his burdens. It was brilliant work by Ramon Franco (yet again). And while I think Galvan is on his way out of this world, I’ll be sad to see Franco go.

Even Eleanor Natch has that fatigued sense to her. For a woman who says she works for herself, she’s still at the mercy of other people: first Galvan, then Cerisola, and now Alex Buckley and the CIA. And as I mentioned last week, the CIA is a whole different can of worms. The only way she’ll be free of them is death. I’m curious if she’ll eventually seek that path out.

In a way, that’s what Marco has done by volunteering to take down Galvan. His son is dead, his wife and other children gone. It’s easy to see how in his mind he has nothing to lose. And even though Galvan has committed horrible, irrepressible acts, he’s still Marco’s friend, someone he grew up with. That kind of betrayal weighs on a person. I hope Marco makes it out alive though. Like he said if Galvan dies someone new will take his place. It may be Cerisola, it may be someone else. But there always needs to be a man like Marco to combat that, and in Ciudad Juarez those men are few and far between.

It’s also why a man like Linder would have such a difficult time stopping his crusade. Sure, it’s vigilantism and not under the law, but look what happened to his sister and to Eva. A man like Robles needs a man like Linder to counteract him. Maybe losing his beard will change him. He’s suffered many trials though to make him the man that Eva now sees. That’s not something easily let go.

The same thing applies to Sonya Cross. She’ll fight them until she can’t anymore.

More Thoughts as I Crash a 15 Year Old’s Party

– Obregon taping Galvan’s hostage video of Cerisola’s daughter was equal parts funny and sad. Only The Bridge could pull that off considering what’s happening in the real world right now. Also, Obregon made up for the lack of Cesar in this episode. Daniel Edward Mora is another great find.

– The Sonya/Eleanor meet up was worth the wait. Here are two women, different sides of the same coin molded from tragic family incidents, both able to push each other’s buttons. I personally didn’t think of Eleanor saving Kyle’s friend because he reminded her of her lost son, but it makes sense added with the fact that he was still very much a boy versus Kyle who was ready to be a man.

– Frye, I don’t think Shaggy would approve of you breaking into DEA Joe’s garage. That being said, I’m glad Daniel and Adriana know about the DEA vs the CIA now. And poor Lucy. That’s a situation always terrible to watch: the one person who wants to end the relationship because it poses a threat to their partner and the partner who doesn’t care about that threat.

– I really want to punch Alex Buckley in the face. Ugh, that dude is slimy, and Ian Hart is nailing it.

– The DEA agent played by Adam Arkin brought up Sonya’s diagnosis which may be the first time the series has mentioned it apart from Cooper calling her the idiot savant last season.

– Two things I just don’t buy: (1) Hank being able reach the power box (or whatever it was) to hide Eleanor’s ledger. The guy was bleeding out of his freaking gut! (2) The actress playing Sonya’s mother looks a junkie but not nearly old enough to be mom to Diane Kruger (and Sonya is the younger child!)

– Please renew this FX, please renew this dammit.