Sons of Anarchy Season 7 Review “Toil and Till”

Sons of Anarchy Season 7 Episode 2 Toil and Till (5)
The opening and closing scenes of this week’s episodes of Sons of Anarchy were quite striking. We opened with Jax alone in his home, being repeatedly reminded of Tara as he looked at her empty side of the bed and gazed upon the kitchen where he found her brutally beaten body. The residents of Charming are often a great example of life not being fair. While Jax faced his loneliness, the woman who is to blame for Jax’s grief was having morning coffee with her beloved and making jokes about Abel only being exposed to a half a pack a day of second hand smoke. How lovely for her.

Jackson Teller – Going Honey Badger All Over Charming

If you are not familiar with Randall‘s honey badger commentary, please view this video for context. It’s hilarious and to understand my reflections on Jax, you need to understand the honey badger, who doesn’t give a sh!t.

Great. Welcome back. Indeed, last night’s episode of Sons largely focused on the club’s hard work (both literally and figuratively) and the fruits of their labor. If you buy into the idea that you reap what you sow, SAMCRO will be tilling nothing but pain, mayhem and blood for the foreseeable future. But here’s the thing, Jax aka honey badger, clearly doesn’t give a sh!t about the consequences of his actions. The episode was like a parade of Jax screwing over people without batting an eye. Let’s recap/review:

– We’ve seen Jax pull the act/plan first, explain later move with August Marks, but you always had a sense that Jax feared/respected August. When Jax acted first, explained later, it was pretty clear that Jax knew the outcome would be one that August would reluctantly accept as being for the greater good. Last night, however, was completely different. Jax’s actions throughout the course of the episode suggested that August’s words of wisdom fell on deaf ears and that Jax didn’t give a sh!t about how his actions might negatively impact business.

– Next, we see a familiar face from Indian Hills, Nevada – Jury. Poor Jury. When we first met him, he was head of the Devil’s Tribe, a club that had mostly avoided the violence and drama we’ve seen in SAMCRO. Their loose associations with SAMCRO and increasing tension with the Mayans led to a patch over that has arguably done little good for the guys who used to enjoy making a “quiet” living of prostitution and booze. Despite Jury’s better judgement, he’s repeatedly been screwed over by SAMCRO and yet, he’s always there to support Jax and clearly bought into Jax’s “we’re getting out of guns” declaration last season. What did Jury get in return for helping out the Sons this time? The death of someone who was either his actual son or someone he considered a son. I was concerned by the rage and betrayal in Jury’s face as he cradled the guy SAMCRO set up as a patsy and turned over to Lin. You know who doesn’t give a crap about Jury’s hurt feelings? Jax. Straight honey badger. He don’t give a sh!t.

– And then there’s Nero. Everyone’s favorite OG in a cardigan. Nero has been instrumental to Jax brokering peace with the Mayans and Lin’s crew. What does Nero get in return for his efforts? Confronted by Lin after the Sons hit his delivery truck. Based on Nero’s reputation and sincerity, Lin at least took the time to ask if Jax was responsible for hitting the truck. Had it not been for Nero, Lin would have probably shot first and never bothered with questions later. I fear that Nero is going to suffer fatal consequences for his loyalty to Jax, but you know how it goes – honey badger don’t give a sh!t.

I suppose we should take some consolation in the fact that Jax still deeply cares about and love his sons. That’s no surprise, as he’s always been a kind, loving father. It was nice to see him take some time out from all of his toiling, tilling and honey badgering to comfort Abel. The closing scene with him in bed with Abel was heartbreaking and a very striking juxtaposition to the image of Jury cradling his own son in his arms.

A New Sheriff in Town, Literally

We also met Sheriff Jarry last night, who has stepped in for Roosevelt. Jarry will be an interesting presence in Charming, as she clearly understands the necessary evil of coloring outside the lines sometimes when it comes to dealing with the MC. Luckily for her, Juice released Unser and she’ll have a consultant by her side who will help her navigate the street politics of Charming. I loved when Unser cautioned her not to buy into the “stupid biker” stereotype. It was also great to hear that Unser’s new consulting gig will come with some much-needed health insurance.

As smart as Unser seems at times, it’s astounding that he hasn’t learned to keep his mouth shut when he uncovers secrets. Unser could be the person who figures out what happened to Tara, but will he be stupid enough to go to Gemma first?

Other thoughts/observations . . .

– Tig, why must you torture your fake son from last season, Rat?

– “Clarity settles all scores, pays all debts.” This was such a great line from August to Jax. I think it fell on deaf ears, but the message will certainly resonate once Jax learns the real story behind Tara’s murder.

– The haunting of Gemma Teller-Morrow continued this week. You know it’s bad when she passes up time with “her boys” because she can’t take the pain of hearing Abel talk about mommy in heaven. It was also interesting to see her reaction to the pictures from the crime scene of Tara’s murder. She’s still not quite on the verge of being broken yet, as we saw in her reaction to learning that Unser is now consulting for the police.

– I totally ‘ship Nero and Wendy.

– I shouldn’t be surprised that Juice took his silly behind right back to Wendy’s, but I was. He’s so pathetic, I actually feel sorry for him.

– Just like Gemma, Jax is going to break at some point. All the honey badger not giving a sh!t violence in the world will not be enough of a distraction to truly ease his pain.

Until next week!

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