Finding Carter Season 1 Review “One Hour Photo”

Finding Carter Cast

It’s a good job we’ve got another season of Finding Carter to look forward to next year, since I don’t think many of us would have been happy leaving the show where it ended this week.

The show has never been too subtle or afraid to go to the crazy place, but to have Lori drug and kidnap Carter all over again, right under Elizabeth’s nose I might add, was taking things to another level entirely. I’m not sure I hated it, and it definitely sets up something very interesting for season two, but the pacing of this episode felt really weird.

To have the hour finish with both Carter and Lori and Max and Taylor slightly diminished the impact of both scenes, and it was really bizarre to have those two storylines reach that point before cutting to black. It’s going to be a long wait for season two, and it makes we wonder whether they had to make some last minute changes because of the renewal news.

That said, it was really refreshing to see Carter finally accept her position as David and Elizabeth’s daughter, telling them the truth about the photographs and then actively helping Elizabeth find and catch Lori. This is the character growth I’ve been wanting for Carter since the beginning. What interested me the most was Lori’s opposing side of the story, however, and it’s intriguing to think there might have been some truth in her intentions when giving Carter the photograph.

The theory that Lori and David had been romantically entangled has been swirling around the internet for a long time, but I can’t fathom how Lori might have thought Carter was hers rather than theirs. My mind first went to some kind of surrogate storyline, but that doesn’t mesh with the fact that Carter and Taylor were twins, and what was she doing taking photos of them three years earlier?

The stuff with Max and Taylor was hard to watch, but in the best way. They played their final scene in the hospital so well, and it’s devastating to think that Max may not be back next season. His pledge to go home with his parents and leave Carter to her new life suggests that he’s being written out of the show for good, but I honestly can’t imagine Finding Carter continuing on without him there.

It’s also interesting to speculate on the tone of season two – is this going to be a Pretty Little Liars/The Lying Game-style show or is it going to stick to the high school drama stuff? It’s notable that the gaggle of friends weren’t around this week, and a second kidnapping plot will surely mean we’re in for more of an action-crime drama in season two?

What did you think of the episode, and the season? With you be coming back in 2015? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.