Under The Dome Season 2 Review “Turn”

Under the Dome Season 2 Episode 12 Turn-4

On the latest episode of “Under the Dome,” the dome was pretty much out of control, starting and stopping, shrinking and moving inward, and it was clear things were taking a “Turn” for the worse. Could it be stopped in time, or would everyone be a victim of dome-icide? Just in case, everyone was moved to the center of town, which conveniently enough, turned out to be the school, which is where everyone seems to be half the time anyway, when they’re not at the restaurant, so my guess is they wanted to keep things simple, budget-wise, and use what they have, not unlike “Walking Dead” did with the prison and the Governor’s town.

As the dome changed moods or whatever you want to call it, so did Melanie’s state of health ebb and flow. Sometimes she was okay, other times not so much. A blood transfusion helped somewhat- though I’d be interested to know if Rebecca’s gambit with lima beans is a real thing or not- but not for long. Clearly, Hunter’s warning to stop fiddling with the egg was going unheeded, so in stepped Barbie to pull out the big gun, literally, and threaten Hunter’s life if he didn’t see his dad ASAP.

It worked and once Barbie established to his father that Melanie- his daughter, you’ll recall- was alive and well and suffering because of the egg situation, Don agreed to fetch it and return it to its rightful place under the dome. Alas, the military types weren’t too keen on this transaction and stopped him from doing any such thing, holding Don at gunpoint just after he picked up the egg without incident. Therefore, a new approach was made necessary.

After goading Pauline a bit, Big Jim finally got her to paint again, and the end result seemed to point a way forward for Melanie’s well-being. Or did it? Thinking that she needed to assemble all the “hands,” new and old, aka Sam, Melanie, Lyle, Joe, Norrie, Junior and herself, in the spot where the egg was found, Pauline gathered everyone up and had them lay hands on her like a hands-on-a-car contest, but nothing much happened.

Then everyone remembered the missing Angie, and Pauline thought that maybe if two of them held Melanie’s hand it would make for a conduit of sorts between the past and present and count as two or something like that, and that seemed to work, as things started to go wonky and she started to glow and finally Melanie recovered. Alas, it was decidedly short-lived, as, when she got up, a sort of dust devil swirl of dirt arose and spiraled around Melanie and sucked her into the ground. Gee, thanks Pauline! Those paintings really helped out in the long run, didn’t they?

Well, faster than you can say instant karma, Lyle stabbed Pauline and Big Jim promptly stabbed Lyle in retaliation and that was that for those two. Although, from the looks of it, Pauline isn’t quite down for the count just yet, as we catch sight of her in next week’s preview, so maybe her work isn’t quite done, though a fat lot of good it’s done any of them thus far. On the plus side, it also looks as if the hole that sucked down Melanie might well be the new way out of Chester’s Mill, a la the vanished bottomless pit in the cave behind the locker. So, maybe Melanie is in Zenith, and maybe everyone else will be joining her soon enough. We shall see, I guess.

Speaking of useless actions, how about that soliloquy of Julia’s to the dome? She was all like, just let Melanie live and take me instead, as if she were Father Damian in “The Exorcist,” then, as soon as the dome started to move towards her, she was like: I’m so outta here! Way to commit, girl! So much for her big sacrifice to the dome. I’m surprised she wasn’t like: “Psych!” Fickle, thy name is Julia.

That was really about it, but it was a reasonably exciting episode, nonetheless. Granted, the whole Melanie’s better, she’s worse, she’s better, she’s worse, back-and-forth thing was a bit much, but I suppose it did help communicate that the outside forces were unsuccessfully messing with the egg to no avail. I liked that the egg let Don pick it up because it knew he was planning to do the right thing, not that it did him much good, as the military men types stopped him dead in his tracks. If that egg can zap people, you’d think it might have provided him with an assist by zapping his obstacles, but I guess not. Besides, we’ve still got a season finale to get through, right?

The big question is: is the season finale the finale, period? I don’t get the feeling it will be, though the show hasn’t been officially renewed as of yet. But the ratings are steady enough that I wouldn’t be surprised if they kept it going yet another season. I’m not necessarily saying I want there to be another season, but if they are planning on doing another, there better be one hell of a twist at the end of the episode, and it better involve something other than everyone being stuck under the dome for yet another season, that’s for sure, because they’ve basically done all they can do with that already limited premise as it stands. Even “The Simpsons Movie” knew enough to quit while they were ahead, you know?

What did you think of “Under the Dome” this week? Are you hoping for another season, or do you think they should quit while they’re ahead, too? Or do you think they passed go on that a long time ago? If there were another season, what do you think should happen? Do you think everyone will get out from under the dome on the finale? Or will there be a lot of casualties? Is Melanie dead or in Zenith? Or is she somewhere else entirely? Was Lyle’s premonition true or was he just crazy? Is Pauline a goner or will she pull through? Place your bets below and see you for the big finale!