The Strain Season 1 Review “Loved Ones”

The Strain Episode 10 Loved Ones (3)

In the latest episode of “The Strain,” it was time to pay a visit to the “Loved Ones,” for better or worse- and on this show, it’s typically the latter, as was the case this time as well. After Zack managed to get a line on his mother Kelly’s phone, it was up to Dr. Goodweather to track her down, fearing the worst, but hoping for the best. Over the course of the show, we got several flashbacks to where Kelly had been over the last 32 hours, including a run-in with Matt, who she managed to avoid the first time around, but ran afoul of the second time, leading to her subsequent infection.

Sadly, she later paid a visit to Diane and her son, both of whom she also infected, and who were eventually taken out by Dr. Goodweather as he followed in Kelly’s tracks later on. In the end, though, she was led to the Master, who called to her personally, leading her to his underground lair. No doubt his plan is to use her to get to Dr. G. but I think he already knows that she’s a lost cause.

Granted, he didn’t tell Zack that, but it was clear he knew what was going on with her. The question is, will he be able to pull the trigger (or what have you) when it all comes down to it? I think so, personally. Once you’ve gotten to the point where you can take out a child wormpire, I think all bets are off. If it were Zack on the other hand…that I’m not so sure about.

Meanwhile, Dutch attempted to do something about her unintended mistake in taking on the job for Palmer of sabotaging the internet. She and Fet went to his building with a decidedly sketchy plan and were quickly rounded up by Reggie Fitzwilliams (Roger R. Cross, “Continuum,” “Arrow”) and taken to Palmer, who chastised Dutch, who promptly punched him! Lucky for her that, after Palmer sent Fitzwilliams to “take care” of her and Fet, he had other ideas and let them go, citing that he didn’t exactly approve of Palmer’s actions of late, though it wasn’t enough to get him to join the team, unfortunately.

When we leave the team, everyone is sort of splintered, after Dr. G. goes off on Dutch and she opts to leave, with Fet giving chase, as Zack looked over his mother’s pictures and videos on the phone his father retrieved in his search for Kelly. From the looks of the preview, they’ll eventually join forces again for an attempt to infiltrate the Master’s lair, though it looks like his numbers have swelled considerably since the last time Fet stumbled across it. Good luck with that!

This was another decent episode that was reasonably watchable, even if it didn’t really move the plot forward much. It didn’t take a rocket scientist- much less a CDC agent- to figure out that Kelly was probably infected, albeit her being recruited by the Master to use against her family was slightly more unexpected, though not by much. It’s sort of standard MO by now that recently converted wormpires will go after their titular “Loved Ones,” so that wasn’t really that surprising, just that the Master himself took the lead on this particular case. Sad to see Diane go, though!

My guess is that the Master will put Kelly in Dr. G’s immediate path before he gets too close to him, in hopes of slowing Dr. G. down. Not sure it will do any good, though, by this point. I think Dr. G. already knows Kelly’s fate, embraced or not. The only other thing I can think of is that the Master might send her after her son. Now that could cause some problems, for sure. The thing is, she doesn’t know where he is, so unless Dr. G. is stupid enough to take Zack with them when they go to investigate the sewer tunnels next week, he should be okay. That is, unless he’s stubborn enough to follow them, which is another possibility.

All in all, it was an okay episode, though it lacked the intensity of the convenience store siege, or the surprise of certain other episodes, like the one where the wife of one of the “survivors” of the plane incident fed her neighbor to her husband. Still, it moved along at a decent enough clip, and it wasn’t boring, so there’s that. I just wasn’t particularly surprised by Kelly’s fate, so I’m not sure all the flashbacks were warranted, or necessary. But I get it. You’ve got a certain number of episodes to deliver in a season, and it’s perhaps inevitable that some of them are going to be transitional. This was one of them.

What did you think of “The Strain” this week? Were you surprised by Kelly’s fate? What do you think the Master will do with her? Will Zack stay put at the pawn shop, or will he try to tag along when they go to the sewers? What will Palmer’s next move be? Is Dutch going to be okay? Does the team stand a chance against all the wormpires? Sound off down below and see you next week!