Intruders Season 1 Review “Ave Verum Corpus

Intruders (BBC America) episode 4 Ave Verum Corpus (4)

Another week, another swing of the quality pendulum for Intruders. This week, we were back in “great episode” territory, “Ave Verum Corpus” a quick-moving hour that gave us plenty of new information as far as the central mystery of the series is concerned. True, there were still some problematic elements, but the good far outweighed the bad this week.

Early on, I was worried that the show might be back to spinning its wheels again this week. Though Jack was finally Gary, he still seemed skeptical of their being a larger conspiracy concerning his wife. Admittedly, he overcorrected way to quickly, suddenly happy to craft secret codes and sneak onto private property, but I’d much rather we get the plot moving again that watch him slowly be won over.

And move the plot did, with lots of big moments this week. True, some of it was stuff we’ve gotten hints of in the past, but it was nice to have everything stated directly. Jack and Gary learned about the “ghost machine” and the idea that there’s a frequency that directly correlates to the Intruders and their body-hopping abilities. They got to see some sort of ritual involving Amy and her group – and then appropriately freaked out about it.

Even better, we got more scenes of Madison, who’s still possessed by Marcus. Marcus, a creepy pedophile that is apparently a pariah of sorts within his own secret society. His scene with Todd also made it obvious that Madison is fighting back, trying to keep control of her body. Whoever may end up in charge, I continue to enjoy Madison as a character. Young actress Millie Brown is doing a great job portraying a creepy old man trapped in a young girl’s body. Whatever the fate of Intruders, I’d love to see her go on to do more work, as she’s definitely a talented actress.

Richard, meanwhile, remains a bit of a random element, and not in a good way. I get that as an agent of the secret society, he’s got a lot of missions, but I just wish he had a single plot thread to follow throughout the season. After two straight weeks of chasing Madison, he was suddenly back over in Jack’s story to kill their informant. I’m not saying the show needs another character, but wouldn’t the bad guys want more than one agent to cover all of these issues? If Jack and Madison ever do anything troublesome simultaneously, he’s going to be screwed.

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