Siblings Series 1 Review “Balcombe’s Funeral”


I’ve had mixed feelings about Siblings since it started, with episodes being a bit hit or miss when it comes to straddling the line between irritating and hilarious, but this final episode, ‘Balcombe’s Funeral’ was a well-timed high for the series to go out on.

We also learnt that Siblings will be getting a second series this week, and that can’t help but inform the viewing experience with this final instalment of the first. As Hannah and Dan attend the funeral of their old drama teacher, we get the classic high school reunion structure that, instead of being about the former nerds and losers sticking it to the jocks and cheerleaders, is basically a illustration of how little we find we’ve changed when surrounded by the people we used to know.

Hannah is on the hunt for the guy she believed kissed her before flying New Zealand – the one that got away – while Dan starts hanging around with his old school friends. Neither goes well, as you can imagine, yet both storylines highlight everything great about these two characters. Hannah is selfish and uncaring yet hunting for some romantic notion of her own life, while Dan is malleable and naive, yet always seeking acceptance from those around him.

The funeral also provides lots of opportunity for awkward comedy, as there’s nothing more embarrassing than two awful, unfeeling people at a funeral for someone they could care less about.

All in all, ‘Balcombe’s Funeral’ was a fantastic finale to a show that was never quite fantastic over its six-week run. The comedy was never quite sharp enough and the characters lacked depth, but the ingredients are still here for something very entertaining – if you like that kind of thing. Siblings found that perfect recipe in the final hour and, with a second series on the way, we can thankfully look forward to the show continuing that when it returns.

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