On TV Tonight, Friday, 9/12/14: Z Nation, Please Like Me and More

TV Equals Summer 2014 Friday

Our Picks

Girl Meets World – 8:30pm Disney
Girl Meets World has only been gone for a couple of weeks, but it is bonkers how much I have missed this cornball show. I need my weekly dose of ’90s nostalgia and Maya being awesome.

Z Nation – 10pm Syfy
We’ve got ourselves another zombie show and this one looks…dare I say it? Fun. That’s no coincidence though; Z Nation‘s creator is the co-creator of Eerie, Indiana, after all.

Please Like Me – 10:30pm Pivot
The summary for this week’s episode is super spoilery, so I am not going to say anything about what is happening because I wish I hadn’t of read it now (curse you, spoilers!). Let’s just say, stuff is getting real for Josh. And it’s probably going to awkwardly hilarious and endearing. That’s all you are getting from me.


8 PM – 9 PM

Utopia – 8pm Fox

Masters of Illusion – 8pm The CW

Dog With a Blog – 8pm Disney

9 PM – 10 PM

Wander Over Yonder – 9:30pm Disney

10 PM – 11 PM

The Knick – 10pm Cinemax

Human Resources – 10pm Pivot

(Please note: The image grid at the top is the default Summer 2014 schedule and might not always represent what is currently airing tonight. Please make sure to look at the list below to get the most up to date information.)